International Journal of Industrial Electronics and Control (IJIEC)



Volume 9, Number 2 (2017)





Bamboo in Construction Technology

Liang Cai


Performance Analysis of Various Classifier Technique Used in Handwritten Digit Recognition

Qingxian Wu


Electronic Fire Alarm

Masato Taguchi


Performance Analysis of UGS and BE QoS classes in WiMAX

Koichi Mori


Fiber to the Home-Shared Distribution Low Loss Network

Yoshiaki Nakamura


Estimation of Unknown Input of a Linear Time Invariant System Using Full Order Observer

João Felipe de Araujo Martos


L-Shaped Dual Band Microstrip Fed Monopole Patch Antenna for Wireless Applications

Israel da Silveira Ręgo


Acoustic Echo Cancellation Techniques for Far-End Telephony Speech Recognition in Barge-In Situations

Sergio Nicholas Pachon Laiton


Constructing an Advanced Selection Mechanism in Evolutionary Optimization

Bruno Coelho Lima


Proficient Edge Detection to Retrieve Text in Natural Images

Felipe Jean Costa


Thermal Unit Commitment Considering Coordinated Wind and Pumped-Hydro Storage Units Using PSO

Paulo Gilberto de Paula Toro







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