International Journal of Industrial Electronics and Control (IJIEC)



Volume 9, Number 1 (2017)





Harmonic Stability Assessment for Multi Paralleled PV Inverters-Connected to Grid
pp. 1-13
R.S. Ravi Sankar, S.V. Jayaram Kumar and P. Vinod Kumar

Subsystems of Radar and Signal Processing and ST Radar
Guangde Xu

A Heuristic Approach for Modeling of the Furnace of a Utility Boiler
Yeerang Lim and Jaecheong Lee

A Fuzzy Based UPFC Model To Improve The Voltage Profile and Stability of Microgrid Integrated System
Hyochoong Bang

Answering Closest-Pair Nearest Neighbor Using Voronoi Diagram For LocNNation Dependent Information System In Mobile Environment
Hwanil Huh

Adaptive Estimation of Blind Audio Correlation Signal Characteristics using Neural Networks and Complex Pursuit Gradient Method
Hosung Lee






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