International Journal of Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology (IJGEB)


Volume 3 Number 1&2, (2012)   




Optimization of Growth Parameters for Indigenous Algae (for the Production of ALGAL BIOFUEL)
Authors: Rachan Karmakar, Abhishek Roy Chowdhury, Krishnendu Kundu and Anasua Chattopadhyay


In-vitro Mass Multiplication of a Threatened Tree Fern, Cyathea spinulosa Wall. ex Hook
PP. 15-23
Authors: Shastri P. Shukla and P.B. Khare


Presence of 3′ End Mismatches and Hairpin Loops in Target Sequences Do Not Prevent PCR Amplification by Phire DNA Polymerase
pp. 25-38
Authors: Rajesh Kumar, Praveen Singh and Kammara Rajagopal

Bioconversion of Paper Mill Sludge Employing the Earthworm Eudrilus Eugeniae and its Impact on the Growth of Abelmoschus Esculentus
pp. 39-52

Authors: S. Umamaheswari, V. Vijayalakshmi and N. Anbu Saravanan

High Frequency Invitro Regeneration In Bryonopsis Laciniosa(L. )Naud An Endangered Medicinal Plant
pp. 53-61
Author: V. J. E. Caroline





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