International Journal of Chemistry and Applications (IJCA)



Volume 9, Number 2 (2017)





Use of Esterified Mustard, Karanja and Neem Oils as a Substitute for Diesel Fuel in C.I. Engine

He Lei


Lid-Driven Cavity Flow with Triangular and Square Obstruction

Xiaojing Wu


Dynamic Characteristics Evaluation of through Type Arch Bridge for Moving Loads

Weiwei Zhang


Design and Construction of Electronic Ballast for 70W Metal Halide Lamp and Comparison with other Electronic Ballast Configurations

Shufang Song


Detail Preserving Median Filter for High Density Impulse Noise

Fei Liu


Application of Long Stroke Hydraulic Propeller in Oil Field, Jiangsu

Yang Gao


Assessment of The Quality and Yield of Essential Oils From Lippia Multiflora (Gambia Tea Bush) For Use In The Cosmetic and Perfumery Industry

Tsuneyoshi Matsuoka


Experiment Study on Oil Displacement Efficiency of Oil Sands under Fluctuation -Chemical Compound Conditions

Kyohei Kamei


Cloud Computing And Its Application In Libraries

Yuji Nakamura


The Role of Microbe/Metal Interactions In The Degradation of Emulsion Paintings of Buildings In Port Harcourt, Nigeria

Harunori Nagata





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