International Journal of Electronic and Electrical Engineering (IJEEE)


Vol.7 No.4 (2014)




Implementation of SEPIC Converter for Solar Powered Induction Motor
pp. 327-334
Authors: Ahana Malhotra and Prerna Gaur

Operation of DC/DC Converter for Hybrid Electric Vehicle
pp. 335-340
Authors: Atul Kumar and Prerna Gaur

Literature Survey on Electrochemical Reduction of CO2
pp. 341-346
Author: Dhiraj Ashokrao Lote

Modeling and Simulation of Multi-Pulse Method Using Diode and Thyristor Bridge Reactifier in Matlab / Simulink
pp. 347-356
Authors: Gagan Deep and Vijay Kumar Gar

THD Reduction in PMSG Based Wind Energy System Using 17 Level Modular Multilevel Converter
pp. 357-364
Authors: Kapil Dev Singh, Varalika Srivastava, Sony Jha and Swati Maurya

Estimation of Variance and Skewness of Non-Gaussian Zero mean Color Noise from Measurements of the Atomic Transition Probabilities
pp. 365-372
Authors: Kapil Prajapati and Harish Parthasarthy

Comparative Study of THD in 5-level Neutral Point Clamped Multilevel Converter Using Multicarrier PWM and SHEPWM Techniques
pp. 373-378
Authors: Rahul Kumar and Prerna Gau

Hardware Implementation of Software Radio Receivers
pp. 379-386
Author: Sambhav Jain

A Hybrid Model of Wavelet and Neural Network for Short Term Load Forecasting
pp. 387-394
Authors: Sangeeta Gupta, Vijander Singh, Alok P. Mittal, Asha Rani

Simulation of Invisible Image Watermarking using Pixel Pair Matching and DWT Technique
pp. 395-400
Authors: Shirin Shahana.A, Shamna N.V. and Jose Alex Mathew

Literature Survey on Cross Border Power Trading
pp. 401-406
Author: Sourav Choubey

Automated Engine Leak Detection with Advance Data Logging, Marking and Push-Up Mechanism
pp. 407-414
Authors: Tejas R. Bakliwal, Abhilash K. Kasliwal and Tushar P. Patni

Various Factors Responsible for Degradation of Power Quality in Power Sector
pp. 415-422
Authors: Tejinder Singh and Lakhwinder Singh

Modeling and Simulation of PV Arrays under PSC (Partial Shading Conditions)
pp. 423-430
Authors: Utkarsh S. Bhadoria and Rakesh Narvey

A Comparative Study on Speed Control of D.C. Motor using Intelligence Techniques
pp. 431-436
Authors: Vijay Singh and Vijay Kumar Garg













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