International Journal of Computational Intelligence Research (IJCIR)

Volume 6, Number 4 (2010)





Evaluation of the Clustering Characteristics of DBSCAN SOM and k-Means Algorithms
pp: 505-513
Authors: K. Mumtaz and K. Duraiswamy

Prediction of Performance and Emission Characteristics of Diesel Engine Fuelled with Biodiesel using ANN
pp: 515-526
Authors: E. Rajasekar, G. Baskar and N. Nedunchezhian

Intelligent Path Planning with A* Search Algorithm 
pp: 527-530
Authors: Surachai Panich

Binary Sequences Design Using MGA 
pp: 531-540
Authors: S.P Singh and SS Rao

Visitor Tunes in Social Networks: Concept and Implementation 
pp: 541-546
Authors: Jyoti Gupta, Vibhuti Saxena, Paramjeet Rawat and Ruchi Bhatnagar


Researches on Privacy-Preserving Data Mining - A Comprehensive Review
pp: 547-572
Authors: J. Anitha and R. Rangarajan

Image Retrieval System for Natural Images 
pp: 573-582
Authors: P.V.N Reddy and K. Satya Prasad


Artificial Bee Colony with External Archive for Scalable and Multimodal Optimization Problems
pp: 583-600
Authors:  Syed Raziuddin, Syed Abdul Sattar and D. Rajya Lakshmi

Face Recognition Based on Eigen Features of Multi Scaled Face Components and Artificial Neural Network
pp: 601-618
Authors:  K. Rama Linga Reddy, G.R. Babu and Lal Kishore

Spatial Data Mining for Aerial Images using Clustered based Feature Extraction
pp: 619-630
Authors:  Md. Ateeq ur Rahman and Shaik Rusthum

An Optimal Power Flow (OPF) Solution For a Combined Economic Emission Dispatch Problem using Multiobjective Particle Swarm Optimization
pp: 631-643
Authors:  D. Mida and D. Benattouss

Efficient Off-line Signature Verification by Correlation of Geometric Centers
pp: 645-660 
Authors:  C.R. Prashanth, K.B. Raja, K.R. Venugopal and L.M. Patnaik

Integration of the Rules of Associations to Improve Research of Information
pp: 661-674
Authors:  Tazzite Naima, Yousfi Abdellah and Bouyakhf Elhoussine


Feature Ranking Algorithm for Classification of Spam E-mail Data
pp: 675-685
Authors: R. Parimala and R. Nallaswamy

Compression of Color Images using Inter Channel Correlation
pp: 687-696
Authors: M. Santhi and R.S.D. Wahida Banu

Content Based Colour Image Retrieval using Hierarchical Similarity Measurement
pp: 697-706
Authors: Sanjaya Sahankar Tripathy and R Sukesh Kumar


Medical Image Distribution System for effective Real–time Operating Room Consultancy
pp. 707-713
Authors: Virinder Kumar Singla





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