International Journal of Computational Intelligence Research (IJCIR)

Volume 2, Number 2 (2006)




Optimised Coverage of Non-self with Evolved Lymphocytes in an Artificial Immune System
A.J. Graaff and A.P. Engelbrecht
pp. 127-150
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Population-Based Heuristics for Hard Permutational Optimization Problems
Wojciech Boÿzejko and Mieczys³aw Wodecki
pp. 151-158
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Using a Self Organizing Feature Map for Extracting Representative Web Pages from a Web Site
Sebasti´an A. R´ýos, Juan D. Vel´asquez, Hiroshi Yasuda and Terumasa Aoki
pp. 159-167
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Evolutionary Algorithm as a Tool for Advanced Designing of Diesel Engines
Teresa Donateo, Domenico Laforgia, Giovanni Aloisio and Silvia Mocavero
pp. 169-180
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A Dynamic Distributed Double Guided Genetic Algorithm for Optimization and Constraint Reasoning
Sadok Bouamama and Khaled Ghedira
pp. 181-190
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A City Guide Agent Creating and Adapting Individual Sightseeing Tours Based on Field Trial Results
Ronny Kramer, Marko Modsching and Klaus ten Hagen
pp. 191-206
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A New Algorithm for Sequential Minor Component Analysis
Dezhong Peng and Zhang Yi

pp. 207-215 Abstract | PDF Full Text