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 International Journal of Petroleum Science and Technology (IJPST)




Editorial Board Members :


Anawe P.A.L, Associate Professor, HOD Petroleum Engineering College of Engineering, Covenant University, Canaan Land, Ota, Ogun State, Nigeria.
Area of Interest: Drilling fluids, various methods of Crude Oil treatment, Petroleum Refining /Petro- Chemical issues, Biofuels, Lubrication fundamentals.



Mohamed Aggour, Petroleum Institute, P.O.Box 2533, Abu Dhabi, UAE
Field of expertise:


Serhat Akin, Petroleum & Natural Gas Engineering Department, Middle East Technical University, Inonu Bulvari 06531 Ankara, Turkey
Field of expertise: Reservoir Engineering, EOR, Fluid Mechanics in Porous Media, Mathematical Modeling, Pressure Transient and Tracer Testing.


Meshal Algharaib, Department of Petroleum Engineering, Kuwait University, PO Box 5969, Safat 13060 KUWAIT

Field of expertise: Reservoir Simulation, EOR, Natural Gas Engineering, Energy Resources.


Ali S. Al-Bimani, Sultan Qaboos University, P.O.Box 17 Al-Khod, P.C 123 Oman
Field of expertise: Well Testing, Reservoir Engineering, Rock and Fluid Properties, EOR (Steam and Chemical) and Chemical Profile Control.


Stuart Burley, Principal Geological Advisor, BG India, Sahar Plaza, MV Road, Andheri (E), Mumbai, 400 059 INDIA

Field of expertise: Exploration, development geology and reservoir geoscience.


Faruk Civan, Alumni Professor, Mewbourne School of Petroleum and Geological Engineering, University of Oklahoma, T 301 Sarkeys Energy Center, Norman, OK 73019-1003, USA. 
Field of expertise: Formation and well damage, Reservoir and well analyses, Natural gas engineering, Petrophysics, Multi-phase transport in porous media, and improved reservoir recovery techniques.


Mingzhe Dong, Faculty of Engineering, University of Regina, Regina, SK S4S 0A2 Canada
Field of expertise:


Ali Ameur Garrouch, Petroleum Engineering Department, Kuwait University, P.O. Box 5969, Safat 13060, Kuwait

Field of expertise:Petrophysics, Core Analysis, Formation Damage, Well Logging, Drilling and Well Completion, Expert Systems, and Artificial Intelligence.


Peter Gu, Petroleum Systems Engineering, Faculty of Engineering, University of Regina, Regina, SK S4S 0A2 CANADA
Field of expertise:


Anuj Gupta, Craft & Hawkins Department of Petroleum Engineering, Louisiana State University, CEBA Building, Rm 3526 A, Baton Rouge, LA-70803, USA
Field of expertise: Drilling, Formation Evaluation/ Petrophysics, Reservoir Characterization, Enhanced Oil Recovery, In general- petroleum engineering.


Dae-Gee Huh, Director, Petroleum and Marine Resources Division, Korea Institute of Geoscience and Mineral Resources(KIGAM), Daejeon 305-350 KOREA
Field of expertise: reservoir engineering.


Rasheed A. Jaradat, Department of Earth & Environmental Sciences, Faculty of Science, Yarmouk University, Irbid, 21163 Jordan
Field of expertise: exploration geophysics, reservoir characterization and G&G integration studies, seismic exploration and interpretation, seismic attributes, and petrophysics.


Mark Kaiser, Center for Energy Studies, Louisiana State University, Energy Coast & Environment Building, Nicholson Extension Drive, Baton Rouge, LA 70803, USA

Field of expertise: Cost Estimation and Economic Evaluation.


Serge E. Kutukov, Faculty of Pipelining, Faculty of Pipelining,     Ufa   State   Petroleum   University, 450062,     Ufa  ,   Russia   

Field of expertise: Modeling of Multiphase and  Rheo- complicated Flow in Hilly Terrain Pipelines, Analysis of Environmental Heat Interaction,  Oil Pipeline Control and Leak Detection Systems Design.


Akanni S. Lawal, Director, Center of Petrophysical & Reservoir Studies, Texas Tech University, Petroleum Engineering Department, P. O. Box 43111, Lubbock, Texas 79409-3111 USA
Field of expertise: Fluid Characterization, Equation of State Modeling, Transport Property Correlations, Reservoir Engineering and Modeling, Multiphase Fluid Flow Correlations.


Kewen Li, Department of Petroleum Engineering, School of Earth Science, Green Earth Science Building, Stanford University, 367 Panama Street Stanford, CA 94305-2220 USA
Field of expertise: Improved oil recovery, Prediction of oil and gas production, Multi-phase fluid flow in porous media, Fractal modeling, Geothermal reservoir engineering.


Muhammad Al-Marhoun, KFUPM, P. O. Box 1980, Saihat 31972, Saudi Arabia
Field of expertise: Mathematical modeling; reservoir engineering; fluid properties; and correlations.


Saeid Mokhatab, Department of Chemical and Petroleum Engineering, University of Wyoming, Dept 3295, 1000 E University Ave Laramie, WY 82071, USA
Field of expertise: Multiphase Flow in Pipelines, Flow Assurance, Natural Gas Processing, LNG.


Shari Dunn-Norman, Dept. of Geological Sciences and Engineering, University of Missouri, Rolla 127 McNutt Hall, Rolla, MO 65409 USA

Field of expertise:

Gabor Takacs, Head, Petroleum Engineering Department, University of Miskolc, H-3515 Miskolc, Hungary.

Field of expertise: Multiphase Flow in Oil and Gas Wells, Systems Analysis of Oil and Gas Wells, Gas Lift Design.


Arvind Varma, Head, School of Chemical Engineering, Forney Hall, Purdue University, West Lafayette, IN 47907-2100 USA
Field of expertise:


Basma Yaghi, College of Engineering, Petroleum and Chemical Eng. Dept., Sultan Qaboos University, P.O.Box 33, Khod 123 Oman
Field of expertise:


Abdulrazag Y. Zekri, Chemical & Petroleum Engineering Department, Faculty of Engineering, UAE University, P.O.BOX 17555 Al-Ain, UAE
Field of expertise: Enhanced Oil Recovery, Petroleum Economics, Formation Evaluation, Fluid Flow in Porous Media, Well Logging.


Feng Pan , Ph.D. of Petroleum and Geosystems Engineering Senior Technical Professional-Engineering/Petrophysical Applications Geoscience and Reservoir Technologies Landmark, Halliburton Company, USA 2107 CityWest Blvd., Bldg. 2 Houston, TX, 77042-3051 USA


Chiranjeevi Thota , Dy Manager (R&D) Corporate R&D Centre Bharat Petroleum Corporation Ltd Plot no. 2A Udyogkendra Surajpur, Greater Noida 

Field of expertise: Catalysis, Bio-fuels/alternative fuels, Materials synthesis.


Bo-Zhong Mu, Department: Professor and Dean, Institute of Applied Chemistry University: East China University of Science and Technology, Shanghai,China,
Area of Interest: Improved oil recovery; Microbial enhanced oil recovery; Surfactants and biosurfactants for oil recovery


Bo-Zhong Mu, Institute of Applied Chemistry, East China University of Science and Technology, Shanghai, China
Area of Interest : Improved oil recovery; Microbial enhanced oil recovery; Surfactants and biosurfactants for oil recovery




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