International Journal of Instrumentation Science and Engineering (JISE)


Volume 7  Number 2 (2017)





Adaptive Vision PID control Energizer for Energy Conservation in Electric Fence

pp. 97-107

Deenadayalan E and Senthil R

Automatic Cluster Detection for Mobile Customer Relationship Management using GA-KNN Conjunction Approach

Praveen Shankar


Effect of Graphite Electrode Material on EDM of AISI D2 Tool Steel with Multiwall Carbon Nanotube Using Regression Analysis

Massimo Gennaretti


Study and Designing Prototype Model of Conformal Array Antenna for Mobile Hand-set

Federico Porcacchia


Removal of Zinc Ions from Aqueous Solution by Ficus Benghalensis L.: Equilibrium and Kinetic Studies

Simone Migliore


The Effect of Dam and Weir on Intermixing During Grade Transition in Two Strand Slab Caster Tundish

Jacopo Serafini


Indian Tourism and Hospitality Going the Green Way

Kuan-Huang Lee


Computer Based Control of Operation and Maintenance of SHP Plants

Kung-Ming Chung


Advancement in Inflatable – “A Review”

Keh-Chin Chang


Removal of Herbicide (2,4-Dichlorophenoxyacetic Acid) in Aqueous Solution Using magnetite Activated Carbon Derived from Waste Biomass

Zhiyuan Zhang





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