International Journal of Instrumentation Science and Engineering (JISE)


Volume 7  Number 1 (2017)





Development & Control of Electric Boiler with Parameters Monitoring Using IoT
A.T. Soni, S.L. Kapare, S.A. Jadhav and S.C. Rajgade

A Survey on Fingerprint Compression For Wide Applications
Liang Cai

Comparison of A New Gis-Based Method and A Manual Method For Determining Boundery Basin: Zayandeh Rood Basin In Iran
Qingxian Wu

An Efficient Secure Scalar Product For Privacy Preserving Data Mining Algorithms
Masato Taguchi

Intensity Based Dual Axis Solar Tracking System
Koichi Mori

Spectrum Requirements for IMT-Advanced: Sudan Case Study
Yoshiaki Nakamura

Inclusion of Sustainability Education in Business Schools – An Indian B-School Case Study of MBA-ITBM Curriculum
João Felipe de Araujo Martos

Detection And Reading Out Of Scene Text Images
Israel da Silveira Ręgo

Meta Task Scheduling in Grid Computing by ELBMM Algorithm
Sergio Nicholas Pachon Laiton





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