Journal of Computational Intelligence in Bioinformatics (JCIB)


Volume 10 Number 2 (2017)






Improved Search Quality Using Rank Aggregation

Katarzyna Bączek


A New Approach for Hiding Data in Images using Image Domain Methods

Jarosław L. Przybył


Application of Principal Component Analysis for Simulation Software Selection

Małgorzata Mirgos


ONLINE Fault MOINTORING System using Multi Agent Software

Olga Kosakowska


Semantic Web In Biomedical Sciences

Izabela Szymborska-Sandhu


Data Hiding in Images by Edge Adaptive Steganography

Zenon Węglarz


A Survey on Community Detection Techniques & Software Toolkits for Social Network Analysis

Rafaela Zielinski Cavalheiro de Meira


Efficacious Data Transmission Using Adequate Energy To Avert Fake Agent Attackers

Aline Biggi Maciel


Nearest Neighbor Search Using Spatial Inverted Index Method

Fabio Seigi Murakami






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