International Review of Applied Engineering Research (IRAER) 



Volume 7  Number 1  (2017)






Behaviour of Concrete Structure Under Impact and Blast Load

Jinxian He i


Solar Powered Bicycle for WSN Control and Remote Power Management Applications

Yande Zhao


Control of Reactive Power For Distributed Generation Power Plants During Grid Faults

Hongchen Wu


Improvement of Voltage Profile In Hybrid AC/DC Distribution generation Systems With Co-Ordination Control

Hongchen Wu


Intelligent Integrated RF Remote Control for Fan, Light and Heater

Zeqiang Ren


Algorithm for Reduction of System Order using Fast Rationalized Haar Transforms in Time Domain

Zeqiang Ren


Multimodal Brain Image Segmentation and detecting tumor Using Fuzzy C-means Clustering

Alfredo Aires


Brain Computer Interface For Mobility- A Case Study With ALS Patient

Rosa Carvalho





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