International Journal of Theoretical and Applied Mechanics (IJTAM)


Volume 12, Number 6  (2017)





Review on Thermal Performance of Oscillating Heat Pipe With Different Working Fluids

Yingxin Kou


Developed Similarity Measure for Machine Cell Formation and Exclusion of Exceptional Elements

Zhanwu Li


Accuracy Control In Hull Construction of Ships- A Case Study

Zhanwu Li


Experimental Study on The Mechanical Properties of Natural Fibers Reinforced Hybrid Composite

An Xu


Minimizing Makespan of Permutation Flow-Shop Scheduling Using New Heuristic Approach

An Xu


Parametric Study Of Stress Concentration Factor For Thin Plate Using Finite Element Analysis

Mesfin Belayneh Ageze


An Experimental Investigation and Performance Analysis of Evacuated Tube Assisted Solar Air Heater

Mesfin Belayneh Ageze and Yefa Hu





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