International Journal of Petroleum Science and Technology (IJPST)



Volume 11  Number 2,  (2017)





Fault-Block Mountain Oil Reservoirs and Reservoir Heterogeneity of Tongbomiao Formation in Tanan SAG

pp. 65-77

WEN Quan and GAO feng


The Review of Microscopic Image Analysis and Computer Aided Malaria Parasite Infected Erythrocyte Detection

Bin Bai


A comparative Study of Machine Learning Classifiers over Gene expressions towards Cardio Vascular Diseases Prediction

Wei Zhang


Mobile Application for Student Attendance and Mark Management System

Wei Zhang


An Analysis of Learner Satisfaction and Needs on E-Learning Systems

Botong Li


Access Analysis of Secondary Users with an Opportunistic perspective in Cognitive Radio Networks

Chao Li


A New Approach for Webpage Classification using JRR Techniques

Guangchen Bai


An Effective Routing for Managing of Critical Issues in Resource Constrained System

Michael Felux






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