International Journal of Pure and Applied Physics  (IJPAP)


Volume 7, Number 1  (2011)




Estimation of Alpha Activity in Various Sources of Water in Different Places of Karbi Anglong District of Assam, India
pp. 1-5
Authors: R. K. Kakati and B. Bhattacharjee


Structural and Morphological Characterization of Ag+ Ion Conducting Nanocomposite Polymer Electrolyte Membrane (1-x) [70PEO: 30 Ag2SO4]: x Fe2O3 by Hot Press Technique
pp. 7-12
Authors: Mohan L. Verma and Arti Verma

Effect of L-Threonine Doping on Structural, Optical, Mechanical, Surface and Dielectric Properties of KDP Single Crystal
pp. 13-24
Authors: Mohd. Shakir, V. Ganesh, B. Riscob, K.K. Maurya, K. Kishan Rao, M.A. Wahab and G. Bhagavannarayana

On Some Important Characteristics of Radio Emission from Air Showers in the Ultra High Energy Domain
pp. 25-38
Authors: Kalpana Roy Sinha and Pranayee Datta

Half-Metallicity, Elasticity and Magnetic Moment of MgN: A First-Principles Study
pp. 39-48
Authors: Reham M. Shabara, Samy H. Aly and Sherif Z. Yehia

Effect of Substitution of Ions on Dielectric Constant of Strontium Titanate in Paraelectric Phase
pp. 49-55
Authors: M.S. Yadav and S.C. Deorani

Photophysical Properties of Sodium zinc(II)-2,9,16,23-phthalocyanine Tetracarboxylate in Aqueous Solution
pp. 57-72
Authors: S. Al-Omar, M. Al-Noaimi, K. Raba'eh, G. Alna’washi, M.S. Bawa'aneh,  F. Al-Dweri and A. Aqili

Hartree-Fock Calculation Studies Investigation of Δ(3,3) Resonances in the Ground State of Compressed Heavy Spherical Finite Nucleus 132Sn
pp. 73-87
Authors: Mohammed H. E. Abu-Sei’leek

Accruing Recombination Waves in Semiconductors with Deep Traps
pp. 89-95
Authors: Ali Ihsan Demirel, Eldar Rasuloglu Hasanov, Pasoul Nezhad Hosseyn and Akber Zeynelabdinoglu Panahov

Green's Function Theory of Structural Phase Transition in KDP Type Ferroelectrics
pp. 97-104
Authors: M.P. Thapliyal and Neha

Synthesis of Nano-TiO2 by Sol-Gel Route: Effect of Solvent and Temperature on the Optical Properties
pp. 105-115
Authors: R. Vijayalakshmi and K.V. Rajendran

Microstructure Dependence of the Fracture Mechanism in the Bulk Al–3at%Cu Binary Alloy System
pp. 117-124
Author: AbealAzim Mabed


Studies of Singularities Arising in (n+2)-Dimensional Monopole Space-time
pp. 125-138
Authors: Pratibha Warade, K.D. Patil and A.V. Deshmukh






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