International Journal of Oceans and Oceanography (IJOO)



Volume 12 Number 2,  (2018)




The Effect of Natural Feeding Combination on Growth and Survival of Synodontis Fish Larvae (Synonontis Nigriventris)

pp. 79-86

Harisman, Ryan Hidayat, Ika Riezki Ananda and Dan Sukendi


Effect of Temperature and Biomass Ratio on Fluidbed gasification using Agro Waste

pp. 87-92

Sathish.S, Parthiban.A, Abraham Eben Andrews.A Arun Raja.A and Karthick. P


Morphology and Histology of Mandibular Organ in Relation to Growth and Reproduction in the Freshwater Crab Barytelphusa cunicularis

pp. 93-109

Navya Gopal and Arath Raghavan Sudha Devi


Comparison of DSDV,AODV,DSR,QAODV with throughput and wavelength for MANET by using NS3

pp. 111-119

K.Raghava Rao, K.R.R.MohanRao, M. SriShiva Prasad Chowdary, P.SivaNagendram and K.Raj Gopal Reddy


Ovarian biology of Melicertus kerathurus (Forskäl, 1775) - (Crustacea-Penaeidae) in the Arabian Gulf

pp. 121-145

Gaber Ibrahim, Naif AlQurashi, Abdullah Hussein and Saeed Mujahid Hashimi






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