International Journal of Materials Sciences (IJoMS)


Volume 12  Number 4,  (2017)





Structural, morphological and optical characterization of as-deposited and annealed quaternary Se50Cd20Cu20Te10 chalcogenide thin film

pp. 531-539

Pramesh Chandra, Arvind Kumar Verma, R. K. Shukla and Anchal Srivastava


Carbon Nanonecklaces with Carbon Nanotubes and Carbon Dots

pp. 541-548

M S Swapna and S Sankararaman


Optimum Orientation of Fibre Direction in Composite Lamina

pp. 549-559

N.R.Joshi and Shahid Tamboli


Influence of Rare-Earth concentration on the crystallization process and application of Kissinger, Augis-Bennet and Matusita-Sakka equations to kinetics analysis of amorphous Fe78Tm2B20 and Fe76Tm4B20 alloys

pp. 561-570

M.D.V. Srilalitha and B. Bhanu Prasad


Processing of Structural Components from High Carbon Content Rapidly Solidified Alloyed Ferrous Powders

pp. 571-579

B.B.Pani and S.K.Khuntia


A detailed Mossbauer study on amorphous Fe80-XPrXB20 (0≤X≤8) alloys

pp. 571-583

N. Rajya Lakshmi and B. Bhanu Prasad







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