International Journal: Mathematical Manuscripts (IJMM)

Volume 1  Number 1 (2007)


Special Issue: International Conference: 2007 

                          - Dynamical Systems and Applications



Using quadratic B-spline scaling functions for solving integral equations

pp. 1-6

Authors: N. Aghazadeh and K. Maleknejad


L2-approximation theory on compact group and their realization for the groups SU(2) and SO(3)

pp. 7-16

Authors: E. Aghdassi and S. F. Rzaev


Exponential stability of neural networks with time-varying delays and Impulses

pp. 17-26

Authors: Haydar Akca, Valery Covachev and Kumud Singh Altmayer


Data retrieval and extremal set

pp. 27-32

Authors: M. Atici


Blaschke structure for a special affine immersion

pp. 33-41

Authors: A. Haji Badali, M. Faghfouri and E. Pourreza


Mathematical characteriza-tion of the signals that determine the erosion by cavitation

pp. 42-48

Authors: Alina Barbulescu and Camelia Ciobanu


A posteriori error estimates for Schwarz methods

pp. 49-58

Authors: Hakima Benlarbi and Ahmed-Salah Chibi


Something about conformal mapping in hydrodynamic

pp. 59-64

Authors: Camelia Ciobanu and Alina Barbulescu


Differential transform method for obtaining positive solutions for two-point nonlinear boundary value problems

pp. 65-72

Authors: Vedat Suat Erturk and Shaher Momani


Comparison theorems on oscillatory nature of higher order difference equations with continuous variables 

pp. 73-81

Authors: Basak Karpuz, Ozkan Ocalan and Umut Mutlu Ozkan  


Nonexistence of nontrivial solutions for a class of nonlinear PDE

pp. 82-94

Authors: Brahim Khodja and Samia Benmehidi  


A computer program for statistical analyses of hydrometeorological data

pp. 95-103

Authors: Carmen Maftei, Cristina Ghergina and Alina Barbulescu


Using Chebyshev multiwavelet basis for solving integral equation

pp. 104-110

Authors: K. Maleknejad and M. Rabbani


DAD systems of control and observation and open problems

pp. 111-125

Authors: V. M. Marchenko


Explicit resolution of some singular barycentric integral equations

pp. 126-132

Authors: Said Mazouzi


Two points for the adaptive method for the numerical solution of Volterra integral equations

pp. 133-140

Authors: Mostefa Nadir and B. Gagui  


Modified method for solving linear Volterra integral equations of the second kind using Simpson's rule

pp. 141-146

Authors: Mostefa Nadir and Azedine Rahmoune


Using wavelet basis for solving integro-differential equations

pp. 147-157

Authors: Mohsen Rabbani 


Asymptotic stability of impulsive neural networks with time-varying delay

pp. 158-168

Authors: Ivanka M. Stamova and Gani Tr. Stamov  


Generalization of Peter-Weyl theorem

pp. 169-173

Authors: H. Vaezi 


Impact of QoS on application response time 

pp. 174-179

Authors: Farhad Pourreza


A new nonsingular matrix method for balancing chemical equations and their stability

pp. 180-205

Authors: Ice B. Risteski





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