International Journal of Management and International Business Studies (IJMIBS)



Volume 4  Number 1 Spl  (2014)





Impact of HR Audit on an Educational Institute: University of Pune
pp. 1-8
Authors: Datar Akshay Prasad

Modelling the Enablers for Risk Management in Milk Processing Industry
pp. 9-16
Authors: Abhijit Ghosh, ShilpaSindhu, Anupama Panghal and Sanjay Bhayana

Cause Related Marketing–A Qualitative Exploration of TATA Brand
pp. 17-22
Author: Arvind Rathore

Adult Education and Child Nutrition
pp. 23-32
Authors: Bhumika Hingorani

Marketing Sustainable Innovations: A Study on Energy Efficient Durables
pp. 33-38
Authors: Rajender Kumar, P.J. Philip and Chetna Sharma

Environmental Scanning by FMCG Companies in India: A Comparitive Study
pp. 39-50
Authors: Siddharatha S. Bhardwaj and Dev Kumar

Pertinence of Stress Management and its Efficaciousness to Research” In Context to Researches Made in North East
pp. 51-56
Authors: Ekta Chakravarty and Amal Kumar Agarwala

Evolving Marketing Philosophy-Yet Another Milestone
pp. 57-62
Author: Ekta Singhal

Performance Management: Life Cycle Management of Electrical Motors for Sustainable Production in Industries
pp. 63-70
Author: E. Sankaran

Flipkart-Myntra; From a Merger to an Acquisition
pp. 71-84
Author: Farhat Fatima

Occupy Wall Street Movement: An Anatomy of a Headless Movement
pp. 85-92
Authors: Bhanu Pratap and Malobika Bose

Women Empowerment through Employment Opportunities in India
pp. 93-100
Authors: Manisha Raj

Assessing the Impact of Knowledge Management Practices on Organizational Learning and Performance: A Study of Govt. Medical College Jammu
pp. 101-108
Authors: Meenakshi Mangotra (Sharma) and Rachna Mahajan

Inclusive Economic Growth with Employment Generation and Poverty Reduction
pp. 109-116
Authors: Aditi Mandloi and Mohit Bansal

A Study on Customer Care Management Factors in Banking Sector of Haryana State India
pp. 117-122
Authors: Mudaheranwa Benjamin, Mc Anthony Israel Attah and Priyanka Ranga








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