International Journal of Mechanical Engineering Research (IJMER)



Volume 7 Number 2  (2017)




Optimization of Process Parameters in Induction Hardening of 41Cr4 Steel by Response Surface Methodology

pp. 83-97

S. P. Metage and J. S. Sidhu


Effect of Volume Fraction on Impact strength Behaviour and Hardness of Dual Phase Steel

pp. 99-107

Muniraju.M, Raviraj. M and Mahendramani G


Cram of Novel Designs of Solar Cooker

pp. 109-117

Shubhangi Ambade, Surbhi Tikhe, Pratik Sharma and Vikrant Katekar


A Reassess on Phase Change Material Application in Refrigeration and Air Conditioning

pp. 119-128

Akshadnya D. Ukey, Mohd. Irfan Khan, Prashant U. Bokade and V. P. Katekar


Use of Esterified Mustard, Karanja and Neem Oils as a Substitute for Diesel Fuel in C.I. Engine

Chong Sun


Application of Swarm Intelligence for Reactive Power Compensation in Radial Distribution Systems considering Voltage as a Constraint

Chong Sun


Urban Indoor Propagation Modeling For Wireless Local Area Networks A Review

Jianping Yuan


Six Sigma Approach and its Applicability for Quality and Performance Excellence in Plastic Injection Molding Industry: A Review

Jianping Yuan


Strategic Alignment of Organizational Culture Issues for Stimulating Creativity and Innovation

Qing-fei Fu






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