International Journal of Mechanical Engineering Research (IJMER)


Volume 3,  Number 5 spl.,  (2013)




Effect of Welding Current on the Mechanical and Structural Properties of TIG Welded Aluminium Alloy AA-5083
pp. 431-438
Authors: Mayur.S, Pavan.K.M, Sachin.L.S, Chandrashekar.A and B.S. Ajay Kumar


Study of the Effect of Minimum Quantity Lubrication on the Surface Roughness of Incoloy 800 during Turning Operation

pp. 439-448
Authors: Md. Imran Ansari and B. Kotiveerachary

Fuzzy Neural Network for the Machine Health Diagnosis
pp. 449-456
Authors: Yatheshth Anand, Sanjeev Anand and Mir Irfan Ul Haq

Measurements and Analysis of Thermal Conductivity of Insulating Material
pp. 457-466
Authors: Naveen Tiwari, Satyendra singh, A.S. Parihar, D.N. Tripathi

Analysis of Bicycle Ergometer 
pp. 467-472
Authors: Pramar P. Bakane, K.S. Zakiuddin, P.B. Khope

FE Analysis of Weakly Bonded Laminated Composite and Sandwich Plates
pp. 473-480
Authors: R P Khandelwal, A Chakrabarti and P Bhargava

Design and Development of Electronic Hydrogen Injection System for Pongammia Pinnata Biodiesel Operated CI Engine
pp. 481-486
Authors: R.S. Karrthik and C. Jegadheesan

Prediction of Cop of a CO2/R134a Mixture with Portable VAPOUR Compression Refrigeration System
pp. 487-464
Authors: B. Govindharajan, C. Chelladurai, J. Parthiban, and R. Manikandan

An Experimental Mathematical Modelling of Surface Roughness in Turning Opertion of En19 with Carbide Tool
pp. 495-502
Authors: Raghunandan. B.V, Bhandarkar S.L and Pankaj Kr. Singh

Design and Analysis of Aluminum Alloy Wheel using PEEK Material
pp. 503-516
Authors: Ravi Lidoriya, SanjayChaudhary and Anil Kumar Mohopatra

Methanol Ester as Alternate Fuel for I.C. Engines
pp. 517-522
Authors: S. Jayaraj, A. Dhileepan and C. Dinesh Kumar

A Framework for Evaluation of Material Handling Equipment 
pp. 523-528
Authors: S. Senthil, G. Gurusaravanan, K. Amudhan, and S.Chelladurai

Highway Wind Turbine
pp. 529-534
Author: Sushant N. Malave

Formability Analysis of Twin Induced Plasticity Austenitic Steel
pp. 535-542
Authors: Shanta Chakrabarty and Sushil Mishra

Industrial Automation System
pp. 543-552
Authors: K. Madhanamohan, R.K. Praveen, T.R. Nirmalraja, H. Goutham, R. Sabarinathan and A. Logeesan

Morphological behaviour of Carbon-carbon-silicon Carbide Composites
pp. 553-556
Authors: Shraddha Singh, V.K. Srivastava and Rajiv Prakash

Parametric Analysis of Friction Stir Welding on AA6061 Aluminum Alloy
pp. 557-564
Authors: V.L. Srinivas, M. Zammerudhin, M. Ravi Kumar, B. Ravi Sankar and K. Ravindra






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