International Journal of Mechanical Engineering Research (IJMER)


Volume 3,  Number 4 spl.,  (2013)




Free vibration Analysis of Isotropic and Composite Rectangular Plates
pp. 301-308
Authors: Kanak Kalita and Abir Dutta

Experimental Analysis of Entransy Dissipation Number as Performance Parameter for Heat Exchanger
pp. 309-316
Authors: Sushant Puranik and Aishwary Joshi

Methanol Powered Small Wireless Remote Controlled I.C. Engine Driven Car
pp. 317-326
Authors: Abhishek Mittal, Pradeep Rana, Amit Joshi and Pradeep Kothiyal

Carbide Coatings on H-13 Hot Working Steel by HVOF Process: A Review
pp. 327-334
Authors: Pradeep Kumar Barthwal, Deepti Rawat and Amit Joshi

Analytical Modeling of Moving Heat Source for GMAW
pp. 335-344
Author: Aniruddha Ghosh

Vehicle Design and Manufacturing: Change in the Position of Fuel Tank
pp. 345-348
Author: Arijeet Bhadra

Experimental Investigation in Finishing Process by using Magnetic Pins
pp. 349-354
Authors: Ashwani Tayal, Jaswinder Singh and Raminder Singh

FEA and Analytical Analysis of Natural Fibers Composite Leaf Spring
pp. 355-361
Author: Avani B. Londhe

Problems and Challenges in EDM Electrode Fabrication using
pp. 361-368
Authors: Azhar Equbal and Anoop Kumar Sood


Unobstructed Supersonic Combustion in Scramjets using Rotating Combustor and Flow Stabilizer for High Speed Operation

pp. 369-374
Authors: C. Priyant Mark and J.B. Julin

Investigation into the Level of Agility in Indian Manufacturing Industry: A Case Study
pp. 375-380
Authors: A. Sumit, B. Pankaj and C. Ravi


Effect of Different Coating Compositionís Rutile-type Welding Electrodes on Undercut Defect in Manual Electric Arc Welding

pp. 381-388
Authors: Sandeep Garg, Ish Kakkar, Anoop Pandey, Mayank Gupta and Nand Kishor

Diagnosis of a Cracked Steel Cantilever Shaft by Finite Element Method and Experimental Analysis
pp. 389-400
Authors: Jajneswar Nanda and Sandeep Das

Experimental Investigation of Three-stage Savonius Rotor with Concentrator
pp. 401-106
Authors: Rituraj Gogoi, Raj Ballabh Mahanta, Kovid Kr. Das, Kishore Kr. Shah, Golap Das and Sharma K.K.


Response Surface Modeling on Machining of CFRP Composites: Effect of Process Variables on Surface Roughness, MRR and Tool-tip Temperature

pp. 407-414
Authors: Kumar Abhishek, Saurav Datta and Siba Sankar Mahapatra

First Law and Second Law Analysis of Gas Turbine Plant
pp. 415-420
Authors: V. Tara Chand, B. Ravi Sankar and M. Ramanjaneya Reddy

Design Optimization of Machining Fixture for the Slant Bed CNC Lathe (SBCNC80/2000)
pp. 421-430
Authors: Tom Zacharia and M.S. Steve





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