International Journal of Mechanical Engineering Research (IJMER)


Volume 3,  Number 1 spl.,  (2013)




An Ergonomic Investigation Into Driver’s Seat Comfort 


Authors: Kedar Chimote and Dr. M. M Gupta


Analysis and Evaluation of Work Stations Related with the Manual Operations in Small Scale Industries: An Ergonomic Approach

pp. 5-9
Authors: Prof P S Nerkar , Prof M K Bhadke and Dr. J F Agrawal


Aero Space Applications of GFRP Composites: Review
pp. 10-14
Authors: Sreenivasulu Reddy and Ravikumar Mandava


Dynamic Analysis of Lobe Coupling by Formulation of an Approximate Generalized Experimental Data Based Mode
pp. 15-21
Authors: V.N. Bhaiswar, M.P. Singh and S.K. Undirwade


A review “finite element analysis of temperature distribution in welding process”

pp. 22-26
Authors: S. P. Ambade, A. P. Patil and P. S. Durugkar


Development of Computer Assisted Glass Frosting Machine

pp. 27-31

Authors: Ms. Apurva Joshi, Prof. D.I Sangotra and Prof. Dipti N. Kashyap


Shape Optimization of Flywheel

pp. 32-34
Authors: S.M.Choudhary and D.Y.Shahare


Sensitivity Analysis of Quick Return Mechanism

pp. 35-39
Authors: S. D. Shelare, Prof. M. K. Sonpimple and Dr. C. C. Handa 


Review of Automatic Lay-up Process for Manufacturing of Corrugated Roofing Sheet

pp 40-44
Authors: Mr. Anup R. Chaple, Prof. S.S. Khedkar and Dr. S.S. Chaudhari 


Programming and Simulation of 3-D Component in CNC Milling Machine using Master Cam

pp. 45-48
Authors: Shashikant Ragite, A. B. Tupkar and P.C. Jadhav


Failure Mode Effect Analysis In Industry

pp. 49-52
Authors: D. R.Thawkar, D.B. Nandgaye and A.B. Meshram


Manufacturing and Remanufacturing Production Activities Together in The Same Production System

pp. 53-65

Authors: R. E. Hiwase and Dr. J. F. Agrawal


Finite Element Analysis on temperature distribution of Turning process

pp. 66-70
Authors: Yash R. Bhoyar, Prof. P. D. Kamble and Dr. S. P. Untawale


Improving The Sink Roll Life In Galvalume Using Material AT101
pp. 71-76
Authors: Saurabh A. Bobde and Prof. S.D. Kshirsagar


A Novel Chamfering System
pp. 77-80
Authors: T. R. Jawanjal and S. T. Bagde


Technology Forecasting (TF) as a Tool for Prioritizing R&D
pp. 81-85
Authors: Satish G Sonwane, Surendra Nagpure and Harshal Ingole


A Review on Sensitization and Corrosion of 409M Ferritic Stainless Steel (FSS) by different Welding Processes

pp. 86-90

Authors: S. P. Ambade, A. P. Patil and D.D. Balsaraf


Formulation of A Mathematical Model for Energy Consumption in Cotton Processing on Pinjanalaya Carding Machine
pp. 91-94
Authors: Chandrashekhar U. Padole and G. R. Potey


Modification in Knapsack Sprayer
pp. 95-100
Authors: Astt Prof. Sagar Sonkusre, Astt Prof.Vijay Wadhankar, Astt Prof.Nitin Thool 


Oil Spill Removal Device
pp. 101-106
Author: Sakshi Solanki


Applications of Reverse Engineering: A Review
pp. 107-111
Authors: Saurabh S. Bhange, Prof. N.S. Pohokar and Prof. S.G. Bahaley


Development of Automated Inspection System Through Image Processing
pp. 112-116
Authors: Ms.Shubhada.k.Nagrale, Mr.S.T.Bagde and Mrs.Divya.N.Dubey


Manually operated pesticides sprayer pump -Literature review and its modification
pp. 117-121
Author: Mr. Sandeep Poratkar


Study of Practical Aspects of Flexible Spring Conveyor System for Conveying Bulk Material Vis-À-Vis Conventional Systems
pp. 122-126
Authors: Y.V.Dandekar, Prof. A P. Edlabadkar and Prof. P.P.Sargaonkar


Mathematical Modelling for Free Convective Heat Transfer Augmentation in an Electric Field

pp. 127-131

Authors: Munindra S. Matey, Manish Kr. Barnwal and Rahul Raj 


Effect of Addition of Water and Fly-Ash on Ci Engine Fueled with Diesel
pp. 132-134
Authors: S. M. Chaudhari and V. W. Khond 


Heat Transfer Analysis through Fin Array by Using Natural Convection: A Review
pp. 135-138
Authors: S. M. Wange and R. M. Metkar 


Use of Emulsified Fuel in Direct Injection Compression Ignition Engine: A Review
pp. 139-142
Authors: R. S. Kale and R. M. Metkar


How to Engine Test
pp. 143-145
Authors: Shashikant Ragite, A. B. Tupkar and V. M. Wankar


Design of Central Air Conditioning System for Theatre at Nagpur City in Summer
pp. 146-151
Authors: Mrs. S.V. Borkar, R. K. Gondane and S. D. Shelare


Experimental Analysis of Convective Heat Transfer form Cylindrical and Square Fin Heat Sink With and Without Metal foam insert for inline and staggered arrangment:A Review

pp. 152-157
Authors: Narendra Bagade and R. B. Yarasu 


Design and Development of Low Cost Micro Hydro Power Station for Agro Based Application
pp. 158-161
Authors: Hrishikesh U.Patankar and Prof. D.I Sangotra


Productivity Improvement Through Quality Circle
pp. 162-168
Author: Shatnanu Welekar


Role of Cotton Pre-cleaner in Enhancement of Cotton Quality in Cotton Ginnery
pp. 169-172
Authors: Prof. Arvind B. Bodhe, Dr. J.F. Agrawal and Mr. Nilesh Alone


Design and Development of Special Purpose Spot Facing Machine
pp. 173-178
Authors: Prof.Hansini S.Rahate, Prof. Rajkumar B.Chadge and Prof. Prajakta H. Dahake


Analysis and Optimization Of A Mono-parabolic Leaf-Spring Using ANSYS-An Approach
pp. 179-184
Authors: D. N. Dubey, S. G. Mahakalkar and J. P. Giri


Design and Development of an Automated Tricycle for Physically Challenged People
pp. 185-187
Authors: Mr. Santosh P. Aloney, Jayandra G. meshram and Kiran S. khalkar


Performance Evaluation of Integrated Heat Pump and Refrigerator System
pp. 188-191
Authors: Ajay Sonsarve, V.P.Katekar and Shrikant Awatade


Reverse Engineering
pp. 192-195
Authors: N.Y.Mohite, P.M.Sirsat and S.B.Jaiswall


Analysis of closed loop pulsating heat pipe at various Filling ratios: A Review
pp. 196-205
Authors: Dharmapal A. Baitule and Pramod R. Pachghare


Development of Plant-Oil Cooking Stove
pp. 206-208
Authors: Ankur Vithalkar and V.P.Katekar


Solar Energy a Renewable Energy Sources
pp. 209-217
Authors: N.Y.Mohite, P.M.Sirsat and S.B.Jaiswal


Design and Analysis of Composite Propeller Shaft: A Review
pp. 218-221
Authors: Ashish S.Deshmukh and Prof.K.K.Jadhao


Risk Centered Maintenance of Flaker of Oil Extraction Plant
pp. 222-226
Authors: K.N.Kawale and V.P.Katekar


Investigation of Dynamic Characteristics of Rotor System Foundation Frame, Subjected To Different Loading Conditions & Harmonic Excitation

pp. 227-237
Authors: Mr. Anurag V. Karande, Prof. M.K. Sonpimpale and Prof. I.A.Khan


To Improve the Quality of Service in Hospital Applying Servqual Model
pp. 238-246
Author: Dinesh K. Parve


Experimental Set Up of Integrated Bamboo Processing Machine and Performance
pp. 247-253
Authors: P. G. Mehar, Dr A. V. Vanalkar and Dr. S. S. Khandare


Diesel Engine With LPG
pp. 254-255
Authors: Mr. Santosh P. Alone, Mr. Sumit C. bhandarkar and Mr. Tushar Tijare


Field Research: Determining Appropriate Sample Size for Manual Stirrup Making Activity in Civil Construction

pp. 256-261
Authors: S. R. Ikhar, Dr.A.V.Vanalkar and Dr. J. P. Modak


Design and Fabrication of Pedal Powered Refrigerator

pp 262-266

Authors: Amol D. Jibhkate, Achal Shahare and Nilesh W. Nirwan


Study of Fixture for eccentricity in Shaft: A Review

pp. 267-271
Authors: Shrikant.V Peshatwar and L.P Rant


Use of Vegetable Oil as a Fuel in Internal Combustion Engine

pp. 272-274
Authors: Bhojraj N. Kale, Vivek V.Patil, Smitesh R.Bobde and Prafull P.Shirpurkar


Synthesis, Modeling & Simulation of Stair Climbing Mechanism

pp. 275-277
Author: A.S.Shriwaskar


Dimensional Analysis of Fly Ash Paver Tiles Extruder Unit
pp. 278-284
Authors: Dr. K.S.Zakiuddin and Prof. G. F. Potbhare


Future Perspective for Ethanol Petrol Blends in Si Engines in India
pp. 285-290
Authors: Prof.B.V.Lande and Dr.S.V.Kongre


Ejector Refrigeration Cycle
pp. 291-298
Authors: Mr.Narendra N Wadaskar, Mr.Avinash R Mankar and Mr.Sachin B Londe


Optimization for Energy Consumption of Vapour Compression Refrigeration System for Dairy Food Industry
pp. 299-303
Authors: Prof. N. R. Pathare, Prof. V.M. Wankar and Prof. P. V. Jadhav


Effect of Vibration on Human Body
pp. 304-307
Authors: Mr.K.R.Gawande, F.S.Hussain and V.P.Katekar


pp. 308-310
Authors: N.Y.Mohite, P.M.Sirsat and S.B.Jaiswall


Fuel Cell – A Renewable Energy Resource
pp. 311-315
Authors: Bhojraj N. Kale, Vivek V.Patil, Smitesh R.Bobde and Prajwal K.Shantalwar


Ergonomic Assessment of Occupational Hazards on Sewing Machine Operators
pp. 316-325
Authors: Prof. Prerna. S. Borkar, Prof. Vijaykumar. S. Shende and Prof. V.P.Katekar


Design of Portable Bending Machine with Rotating vice using CAD and FEA Tool
pp. 326-332
Authors: Nilesh W. Nirwan and Prof. A. K. Mahalle


Optimal Synthesis of A Path Generator Linkage Using Non – Conventional Approach
pp. 333-336
Authors: Mr.Monish P. Wasnik, Prof.M.S.Mothghare and Asst.Prof.H.S.Bhatkulkar


Vehicular Pollutants And Its Control
pp. 337-341
Authors: D. N. Naresh, Harsh Rai and Dinesh Jasoriya


Design of Marine Coupling Using Catscript
pp. 342-374

Authors: Neerajkumar D. Wayzode, Prof. Kishor Wagh





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