International Journal of Engineering Studies



Volume 9, Number 4 (2017)





Design (CAD) of Coupler Screw in Narrow Gauge Railways

Eva Anglada


Face Recognition System using Discriminant Analysis on Support Vectors.

Laura Martinez-Jimenez


New Empirical Models for Estimation of Global Solar Radiation around the Earth Surface

Iñaki Garmendia


Cotton Seed Oil Blends as an Alternative Fuel for Variable Compression Ratio CI Engine: A Review

Zhongyuan Chen


Logic based Detection of Negative Sequence Currents for Six Phase System.

Xiaoming Liu


Influence of Age Hardening on Hardness and Wear Properties of Al-Si-Mg (A357) Alloy

Wanchun Chen


Odd and Even Graceful Labelings in Extended Duplicate Twig Graphs

Yunfeng Dong


Numerical Investigation of flow through Annular Diffuser

Xiaona Wei






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