International Journal of Engineering Studies



Volume 9, Number 2 (2017)




Exploration on Power Delay Product of Basic Logic Gates for Various CMOS Logic Styles

pp. 111-120

S.Karunakaran and B.Poonguzharselvi


The education of tolerance of the younger generation as a universal principle of human life activity and the most important strategic task of modern education

pp. 121-142

Amirgalina Nagima Marksovna, Kuchikova Gulnara Bryanovna, Zarkenova Zhumakul Tazhibaevna and Zarkenova Lyazzat Sembaevna


Performance Evaluation on Different Environment Candidates for Ethical Opportunity Distribution

pp. 143-159

Lovel Hench, Ramesh Unnikrishnan, AGV Narayanan and Ashok Kumar


Numerical Evaluation of Hyperelastic Model for Elastomer under Uniaxial Tension
Guangchen Bai

Silicon and Silicon Carbide Based Metal-Oxide-Semiconductor Devices Using HfO2 and SiO2 Gate Dielectric
Michael Felux

Computer Aided Design and Simulation of Stiffened Thin Cylindrical Shell under External Buckling Pressure
Mihaela-Simona Circiu





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