International Journal of Environmental Science : Development and Monitoring (IJESDM)



Volume 4,  Number 3 spl.,  (2013)





Environment friendly approach - integrated plant nutrient management component of organic farming Uttam Kumar Bisen, 
pp. 1-3
Author: Amit Kumar Sharma

Taxonomic documentation of insect pest fauna of vegetable ecosystem collected in light trap.
pp. 4-11
Authors: Amit Kumar Sharma, Uttam Kumar Bisen

Interaction of Coumarin dyes with PMMA
pp. 12-15
Author: Amit Sharma

Organic solar cell A Renewable Energy Resource
pp. 16-18
Authors: Arti Gupta, Seema Sharma

Impact of effluent of River Ramganga on the haematology of fresh water fish (Heteropneustes fossilis)
pp. 19-22
Authors: Arti Gupta, Ramesh Chandra

Role of Society and Government in the Sustainable Development of Water Resources of Hathras City: A Case Study
pp. 23-31
Authors: Mubeen Beg, Sultan Singh, Salman Beg

Indian Energy Saving Certificate (ESCert) Scheme Towards Addressing Climate Change Issues
pp. 32-35
Authors: Piyush Verma, Alka Verma, Mrinal Saurabh Bhaskar

Indian Textile Industries Towards Energy Efficiency Movement
pp. 36-39
Authors: Mrinal Saurabh Bhaskar, Piyush Verma and Ashok Kumar

Reduction In Co2 Emission In Atmosphere By Using PV/T System
pp. 40-42
Authors: Poonam S Pardeshi, Hyacinth J Kennady

Impact of Glass Industries on Renewable Energy 
pp. 43-47
Authors: Sambeet Mishra, Dr Sayed Majid Ali, Batala Krishna Rao and Pratyasha Tripathy

Project on Evaluation of Training Programmes Organized by Extension Education Institute, Anand (Gujarat)
Author: Shailesh Kumar Mishra

Review of Doubly Fed Induction Generator Used in Wind Power Generation
pp. 53-56
Author: Shilpi Saini

Simulation Investigations on Flywheel Energy Ride Through Systems
pp. 57-62
Authors: Sooraj Narayan A and Mohd. Z. A. Ansari

The Impacts of Energy Extraction on the Environment in Southern Nigeria
pp. 63-67
Author: Suleiman Iguda Ladan

Biodiversity measurement determines stability of ecosystems 
pp. 68-72
Authors: Surendra Kumar Yadav and Govind Chandra Mishra

Spatial technology based assessment of biomass and carbon stock
pp. 73-76
Author: Surendra Kumar Yadav

Dose response models to understand toxicodynamics for pollutants in ecosystems
pp. 77-80
Author: Surendra Kumar Yadav

Solar Energy and Its Future Role In Indian Economy 
pp. 81-88
Authors: Swami Prakash Srivastava and Surat Prakash Srivastava

Role of technological advancements in enhancing sustainable development
pp. 89-93
Authors: Ujjwal Raheja and Abhinav Malik

Role & Impact of Media in spreading awareness of energy conservation : A comparative study of Print & Electronic media
pp. 94-96
Authors: Vishnupriya and Anand Saurabh





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