International Journal of Environmental Science : Development and Monitoring (IJESDM)



Volume 4,  Number 2 spl.,  (2013)





Sustainable development: roles of societies Governments and NGOS
pp. 1-3
Authors: Arundhati Kulkarni, Akshay Deshpande


Potential to replace petro diesel & reduce greenhouse gas emissions in India by integration of power plants with algae cultivation
pp. 4-7
Authors: K. Sudhakar, Deepti Bansod, M.Premalatha


Awareness of natural science & energy technology for sustainable development in rural areas of modern India
pp. 8-9
Author: Divya


Synergistic effects of sonolysis combined with photocatalysis in degradation of industrial waste water
Authors: Isha, Anoop Verma, Shilpi Kumari


Effect of Surfactant And Annealing Temperature on Cu-Zno Nanocrystalline Particle Size
pp. 13-15
Authors: Jignasa N. Solanki, Kishan soni, Deepak saini


GIS Applications in habitat conservation for migratory birds in Uttar Pradesh (India)
pp. 16-19
Authors: Meena Kumari Yadav, Surendra Kumar Yadav


Spatial analysis to assess industrial pollution risk for migratory birds in western Uttar Pradesh (India)
pp. 20-23
Authors: Meena Kumari Yadav, Surendra Kumar Yadav


Improved and Latest Design of a Nanosized Catalytic Converter for Pollution Prevention Implemented to Four Stroke Engine with Experimental Validation by Modeling
pp. 24-30
Authors: Mukesh Thakur, N.K. Saikhedkar


Utilization of vast quantity of ash produced by Thermal power plants
pp. 31-38
Author: Nikky Kumar Jha


Tuned Liquid Sloshing Water Damper: A Robust Device for Seismic Retrofitting
pp. 39-44
Authors: Nishant Kishore Rai, G. R. Reddy, V. Venkatraj


Synthesis of nano crystalline ZnO by Microwave Assisted Combustion method: An eco friendly and solvent free route 
pp. 45-47
Authors: Virendra Chandore, Gopal Carpenter, Ravindra Sen, Nitish Gupta


Urban Agriculture In India and Its Challenges
pp. 48-51
Author: Pranati Awasthi


Renewable Energy Technology Diffusion to Mitigate Climate Change Impact
pp. 52-57
Authors: Rajesh Kumar and Arun Agarwala,


Simulation of Isolated Wind Hydro Hybrid System Using Cage Generators and Battery Storage
pp. 58-62
Authors: B.Revanth, M. Ramesh and P. Jenish


Autoregression model for the prediction of ambient air pollutant concentration in Delhi
pp. 63-65
Authors: Shilpi Kumari, V. K. Jain, Isha


Automatic Wastewater treatment process to reduce global warming
pp. 66-69
Authors: S D Rahul Bharadwaj, Shraddha R Jogdhankar


Alternative Fuels and Performance of Ci-Engine Running on Neem Oil and Bio-Diesel Blends.
pp. 70-73
Authors: Shraddha R Jogdhankar, S D Rahul Bharadwaj


Space Technology and Observation in Climate Change: Indian Perspective

pp. 74-76

Author: Sneh Gangwar


Flood Vulnerability in India: A Remote Sensing and GIS Approach for Warning, Mitigation and Management

pp. 77-79

Author: Sneh Gangwar


Agricultural Production and Air Quality: An Emerging Challenge

pp. 80-85

Authors: U. Mina, R. Sigh, B. Chakrabarti


Multi- enterprise Agriculture System

pp. 86-88

Authors: P. Pramanik, A. Maity and U. Mina






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