International Journal of Environmental Research and Development (IJERD)



Volume 4,  Number 4 spl.,  (2014)





Assessment of Municipal Solid Waste in Northeastern States of India
pp. 275-280
Authors: Tanya Chhabra, Anamika Paul, Mimansa Gulati


Evaluation of Lime Stabilized Fly Ash as A Highway Material
pp. 281-286
Authors: S.P. Singh and A. Pani


Biomedical Waste Management: A Caste Study of Gandhinagar Hospital, Jammu
pp. 287-290
Authors: Asif Chowdhary and Deepika Slathia


Conservation and Utilization of Indigenous Rice Varieties for a Sustainable Livelihood Security
pp. 291-296
Authors: Sharmila Dutta Deka, Bhaswati Sarmah and Sangeeta Sharma


System Dynamics Approach: A Novel Water Resource Management Tool
pp. 297-302
Authors: Isha Sharawat, R.P Dahiya, Rajeev Dahiya and Shilpi Kumari


Detection of Toxic Metal Ions in Water Using SiO2@Ag Core-Shell Nanoparticles
pp. 303-308
Authors: Jyoti Boken and Dinesh Kumar


Urban Transportation Planning, Challenges And Policy Initiatives Ways For Hyderabad City A Gis Approach
pp. 309-316
Author: Khaja Fareeduddin


Construction Materials From Industrial Wastes-A Review of Current Practices
pp. 317-324
Authors: M. Ramesh, K.S.Karthic, T. Karthikeyan and A. Kumaravel


Lichens for Sustainable Environment
pp. 325-328
Authors : Mamta Bhat, Susheel Verma and D. K. Upreti


Spatio-Temporal Variability Analysis of Groundwater Level in Coastal Aquifers Using Geostatistics
pp. 329-336
Authors: P K Mini1, D K Singh and A Sarangi


Zero water Wastage Condenser Column Cooling System for All Glass Distillation Units
pp. 337-340
Authors: Ramanjaneya Reddy A, Syam Sundar Reddy P and Sreevalli Devi M


Determination of Heavy Metals [Cu, Zn] Pollution in Lake Water During Festival Seasons Using Analytical Techniques
pp. 341-346
Authors : Shaziya Mohd Irfan Momin, Jayashree Sharad Thakre and KamalaBala Subramanian


Estimation of Methane Emission From Livestock Through Enteric Fermentation Using System Dynamic Model in India
pp. 347-352
Authors: Shilpi Kumari, R.P Dahiya, Nisha Kumari and Isha Sharawat


Performance and Emission Analysis of Diesel by Adding Jamun Seed Powder
pp. 353-360
Authors: J.Tharun, G.Prabhakara Ramesh, J.V.Vineeth and G.Bhavani Sankar


Role of Juvenile Environment in pre-adult development and Adult metabolites in Drosophila melanogaster
pp. 361-370
Authors: Geetanjali Sageena, Shreya Choudhary, Nalini Mishra, Rakesh Roshan and Mallikarjun Shakarad


Smart Irrigation Control System
pp. 371-374
Authors: Mr. Deepak Kumar Roy and Mr.Murtaza Hassan Ansari


Polyaniline Nanofibers Obtained by Electrospin Process for Hydrogen Storage Applications
pp. 375-386
Authors: A.R. Phani , Robin De Britto.M.T, S. Srinivasan and L. Stefanakos


Bioethanol Production in Membrane Bioreactor (MBR) System: A Review
pp. 387-394
Authors: Anjali Jain and Satyendra P. Chaurasia

Green House Gases interactions in Atmospheric Thermodynamics for Climate Change
pp. 395-402
Authors: Renu Yadav and S.K. Yadav

Properties and Behavior of Cloud Particles
pp. 403-410
Authors: Ratna Sen and Ritu Choudhary Jha

Integrated Study using Remote Sensing and GIS for Ground Water Prospect Zones and Management in Mylavaram Mandal, YSR Kadapa, Andhra Pradesh
pp. 411-416
Authors: G. Suresh Babu and G. Gautham

Shift Work and Depression
pp. 417-422
Authors: Ummul Salma and K. Kameswara Rao











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