International Journal of Environmental Research and Development (IJERD)



Volume 4,  Number 2 spl.,  (2014)




Characterization of Contaminated Soil and Surface Water/ Ground Water Surrounding Waste Dump Sites in Bangalore
pp. 99-104
Authors: G. Venkata Ramaiah and S.Krishnaiah

Influence of Wastewater PH on Turbidity
pp. 105-114
Author: Harashit Kumar Mandal

Effect of Variation of KLA in Aeration Tanks
pp. 115-122
Authors: Jeyannathann Karunanithi, A. Seshagiri Rao and T.K. Radhakrishnan

Study of Metal Speciation in Soils of a Tropical Region of India
pp. 123-128
Authors: Mayank Pandey, Ashutosh Kumar Pandey and B.D. Tripathi

Physical and Chemical Characterization of Pond Ash
pp. 129-134
Authors: Prasenjit Ghosh and Sudha Goel

Influence of Flyash on the Strength Behaviour of Lime and Cement Treated Red Soil
pp. 135-140
Authors: Sai Darshan T R, Shankar and Maya Naik

Assessment of Roof-top Rain Water Harvesting Potential in South Delhi, India: A Case Study
pp. 141-146
Author: Saif Said

Preparation and Application of SPPEES-TiO2 Composite Micro-porous UF Membrane for Refinery Effluent Treatment
pp. 147-152
Authors: S. Mishra, Sadhana Sachan and Munish Upadhyay

Assessing Vulnerability to Soil Erosion of a Watershed of Tons River Basin in Madhya Pradesh using Remote Sensing and GIS
pp. 153-164
Authors: S.K. Sharma, S. Gajbhiye, R.K. Nema and S. Tignath

Removal of Heavy Metals Using Rice Husk: A Review
pp. 165-170
Authors: Sneh Lata and S.R. Samadder

Treatment of Pharmaceutical Waste with Special Emphasis to Treatment Processes - A Review
pp. 171-176
Authors: Sourav Mondal and Alok Sinha

Adsorption-Desorption Study of Endosulfan Isomers in Agricultural Soil
pp. 177-178
Authors: Swatantra Pratap Singh and Purnendu Bose

Review on Feasibility of Conventional Fluoride Removal Techniques in Urban Areas
pp. 179-182
Authors: Tarundeep Gill, Shashi Tiwari and P. Albino Kumar

Life Cycle Analysis of Solar PV System: A Review 
pp. 183-190
Authors: Vishakha Baharwani, Neetu Meena, Alka Dubey, Urmila Brighu and Jyotirmay Mathur

pp. 191-196
Author: Vaishali Kandpal






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