International Journal of Environmental Research and Development (IJERD)



Volume 4,  Number 1 spl.,  (2014)





Mangrove Reforestation through Participation of Vulnerable Population: Engineering a Sustainable Management Solution for Resource Conservation
pp. 1-8
Authors: Abhiroop Chowdhury and Subodh Kumar Maiti

Biofuels: Impact on Food Productivity, Land Use, Environment and Agriculture
pp. 9-16
Authors: Dubey Alka, Meena Neetu and Baharwani Vishakha

Socio-economic Benefits of Open Spaces: Towards Sustainable Housing
pp. 17-20
Authors: Anju Kakkar and Ms. Supriya

Training Construction Workers for Sustainable Environment 
pp. 21-26
Author: Anju Kakkar

Pedagogy for Green Building: India
pp. 27-32
Authors: S.K. Gupta, Mustakeem R. Khan, Nishant Nathani and Pragnya Prakash

Membrane Technique for Leachate Treatment-A Literature Review
pp. 33-36
Authors: Arpita Anand and Shashank Shekhar Singh

Application of GIS in Landfill Siting for Municipal Solid Waste
pp. 37-40
Authors: Debishree Khan and S.R. Samadder

Adsorption of Heavy Metals: A Review
pp. 41-48
Author: Dimple Lakherwal

Solid Waste Management
pp. 49-54
Authors: P. Sharma, K. Dhanwantri and S. Mehta

Experimental Study on Hybrid Power Combining Solar Energy and Human Energy for Home Cooking System
pp. 55-62
Authors: S.K. Chandrakar, Deepak Kumar Singh, Abhishekh Roy, Dewashish Patel and Lekhraj Sao

Experimental Study on Hybrid Power Combining Solar Energy and Animal Energy for Home Cooking System
pp. 63-70
Authors: S.K. Chandrakar, Deepak Kumar Verma, Kundan Pandey, Ajay Patel and Himanshu Mittal

Generating Energy Consciousness among Rural Households
pp. 71-74
Author: Sushma Goel

Towards Sustainable Tomorrow: Exploring Energy Efficiency of Malls in Delhi
pp. 75-80
Authors: Supriya and Sushma Goel

Sustainability in the Concrete Construction
pp. 81-90
Authors: Nupur Gautam, Vasu Krishna and Arvind Srivastava

Replacement of Cement in Concrete
pp. 91-98
Authors: P. Vipul Naidu and Pawan Kumar Pandey







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