International Journal of Electronics Engineering Research (IJEER)




Volume 9, Number 10 (2017)





Smart Traffic Control System At Toll Booths

pp. 1465-1473

Manav Aggarwal, Varun Tripathi, G.K Sriharsha, Ashley James and Rajesh R.


Electromagnetic Radiation Effect Due to Cell Phone and Its Impact on Human Body
pp. 1475-1491
Parul Bindal and Monish Gupta


Coding Techniques for Implementation of Fault Tolerant Parrallel Filter Using ECCs

pp. 1493-1500

Nutenki.Siddhartha and G.Renuka


Mechanism Selection of Subsidized Diesel Oil Pricing Policy in Indonesia Using Analytic Network Process

Shengnan Zhou


Security Analysis of a Biometric-based Authenticated Key Agreement Scheme using ECC for Wireless Sensor Networks

Xueliang Liu


An Automated Tool for Job Shop Scheduling by Optimisation of Make Span through CPSO and GA

Yuqi Fan and Lina Wang


Optimization in The Orientation Recognition For Pieces in The Base Mounting Station Belonging to The Fms200 Through Image Processing

Shuo Li


Inertial Mechanical Reamer for Borehole 5G-3 Conditioning for Penetration into Subglacial Lake Vostok

Zhanjie Song






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