International Journal of Environmental Engineering and Management (IJEEM)



Volume 4,  Number 5 spl.  (2013)




Comparison of Different Types of Media for Nutrient Removal Efficiency in Vertical Upflow Constructed Wetlands
pp. 405-416
Authors: Priya, Gargi Sharma and Dr. Urmila Brighu

E-waste Management: A Step towards Green Computing
pp. 417-424
Author: Ranjita Panda

Production of Bio-fuel from Crude Neem Oil and its Performance
pp. 425-432
Authors: Shruthi H. Heroor and S.D. Rahul Bharadwaj

Trace Determination of Osmium (VIII) by Amperometric Titrations Using Thiodipropionic Acid
pp. 433-438
Authors: Rajni Arora, Ritu Langyan, V.B.Taxak and S.P. Khatkar

Leachate Treatment Technologies
pp. 439-444
Authors: Sameer Kumar, Dhruv Katoria and Gaurav Singh

Air Pollution and its Control Measures
pp. 445-450
Authors: Sameer Kumar and Dhruv Katoria

Study of Geographical Information System and its Applications
pp. 451-456
Authors: S. Mishra and P. Chandekar

Experimental Study on Hybrid Power System Combining Solar Energy and Animal Energy for Minor Irrigation
pp. 457-470
Authors: Sharad Kumar Chandrakar, Dhananjay Kumar Yadav, Lalit Kumar Sahu and Dheeraj Lal Soni

Experimental Study on Animal Powered Mechanical Device for Home Lighting System
pp. 471-482
Authors: Sharad Kumar Chandrakar, Dheeraj Lal Soni, Dhananjay Kumar Yadav and Lalit Kumar Sahu

Phytoremediation an Alternative
pp. 483-488
Authors: Snehal Saurav Pandey and Dipankar Bagga

Sorption of Simulated Biomass Gasification Wastewater on Rice Husk Char and Activated Carbon
pp. 489-496
Authors: Deepti Panchratna, Virendra Sethi and Suparna Mukherji


Removal of Arsenic from Drinking Water using Chitosan based Mesoporous Magnesia Impregnated Porous Alumina: Performance Evaluation by Packed Bed Column

pp. 497-498
Authors: Suparna Saha and Priyabrata Sarkar

Environmental Life Cycle Assessment Framework for Sukker Production (Raw Sugar Production)
pp. 499-506
Authors: Surendra Kumar Yadav and Govind Chandra Mishra

GIS Based Approach for Site Selection in Waste Management 
pp. 507-514
Author: Surendra Kumar Yadav


GIS Based Health Vulnerabilities Reduction VIA Increasing Resilience against Vector-borne Disease Risks under Climate Change Conditions in India

pp. 515-522
Author: Surendra Kumar Yadav

Estimation of Crop Evapotranspiration of Cotton using Remote Sensing Technique
pp. 523-528
Authors: S.K. Singh, Sujay Dutta and Nishith Dharaiya


Effect of Combination of Microwave and Hydrogen Peroxide (H2O2) Pretreatment on Enzymatic Saccharification of Rice Straw

pp. 529-542
Authors: Renu Singh, SapnaTiwari, Monika Srivastava1and Usha Mina





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