International Journal of Environmental Engineering and Management (IJEEM)



Volume 4,  Number 4 spl.  (2013)




Removal of Cd (II) and Cr (VI) from Electroplating Wastewaterby Coconut Shell
pp. 273-280
Author: F. Changani Khorasgani

Spectrometric Determination of NO2 in Ambient Air and its Control
pp. 281-286
Authors: Gaurav Kumar Singh and Kunal Gupta

Environmental Scenario of Chromite Mining at Sukinda Valley – A Review
pp. 287-292
Authors: Haripriya Mishra and Himanshu Bhusan Sahu

Vanadium Intoxication in Albino Rat based on Haematobiochemistry and Behaviouristic Changes
pp. 293-300
Authors: Prabhu N. Saxena, Jyoti Arya, Nishi Saxena and Aparna Shukla

Ranking Carbon-based Nanomaterials using Cytotoxicity to Minimize Public Health Risks
pp. 301-308
Authors: Jyoti Chawla and Arun Kumar

Review of Emission Characteristics of Low Heat Rejection Internal Combustion Engines
pp. 309-314
Authors: Debasish Das, K.R. Sharma and Gautam Majumdar

Melghat Forest: Environment and Ethnobotanics, a Sustainability Mechanism as Protected Area
pp. 315-322
Author: KAZI N.M.


Development of ‘Environmental Friendly Aminated Nanocrystalline Cellulose’ for Decontamination of Arsenic Species from Water Bodies: Bioremediation

pp. 323-330
Authors: K. Singh, R. Rani, T.J.M. Sinha and Shalini Srivastava

Spiders in Mosquito Control
pp. 331-338
Authors: Krishna Kant Lawania, Kritika Trigunayat and M.M. Trigunayat

Treatment and Reuse of Distillery Wastewater
pp. 339-344
Author: Lekshmi.S.R


Impacts of Biodiesel on the Environment
pp. 345-350

Authors: Mohd Moiz Khan, Riyaj Uddin Khan, Fahad Zishan Khan and Moina Athar


Design, Construction and Calibration of Low Cost Solar Cabinet Dryer
pp. 351-358

Authors: Baloraj Basumatary, Mrinmoy Roy, Dhwrwm Basumatary, Sanjaupu Narzary, Uma Deuri, Prakash K Nayak and Nitin Kumar


Photocatalytic Degradation of o-Nitrophenol Using Silver Impregnated TiO2

pp. 359-368

Authors: Asha and P.N. Sharma


Prediction of DRH using Simplified Two-parameter Gamma SUH
pp. 369-376
Authors: P.R. Patil, S.K. Mishra and N. Sharma


Electronics-waste Management
pp. 389-396
Authors: Saurabh Kumar, Rajesh Singh, Dhananjay Singh, Rajmohan Prasad and Tushar Yadav

Energy from the Ocean and Scope of its Utilization in India
pp. 397-404
Authors: R.C. Sharma and Niharika Sharma





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