International Journal of Environmental Engineering and Management (IJEEM)


Volume 4,  Number 3 spl.  (2013)




Sustainability Issues of Discharging Engineered Nanomaterials in Wastewater
pp. 161-164
Authors: S. Srivastava, A. Godara, P. Das, and A. Kumar

Examining Environmental Policies and Laws in Nigeria
pp. 165-170
Author: Aliyu Ibrahim Kankara

Groundwater Quality in Funtua North East, Northwestern Nigeria
pp. 171-176
Author: Aliyu Ibrahim Kankara

Treatment of Endosulfan by High Carbon Iron Filings (HCIF) 
pp. 177-184
Authors: Yangdup Lama, Alok Sinha and Gurdeep Singh

Applying Kriging Approach on Pollution Data Using GIS Software
pp. 185-190
Authors: Aman Tyagi and Preetvanti Singh

Water Pollution and Treatment
pp. 191-198
Author: Amit Kumar Pathak


Mycoremediation an Eco-friendly Approach for the Degradation of Cellulosic Wastes from Paper Industry with the help of Cellulases and Hemicellulase activity to Minimize the Industrial Pollution

pp. 199-206
Authors: Amrita Singh and Richa Sharma

Emerging Contaminants WASTE management SYSTEM (ECWM) for Agriculture Application
pp. 207-210
Authors: Baranidharan, S., Divya Singh, Arun Kumar, and Irene Xagoraraki

Adsorption-desorption, Mobility and Degradation behavior of Kresoxim-methyl and acid Metabolite in Delhi Soil
pp. 211-218
Authors: Ashish Khandelwal, Suman Gupta and VT. Gajbhiye

Study of Abundance and Characterization of Culturable Bioaerosol at Delhi, India
pp. 219-226
Authors: Bablu Kumar, Gyan Prakash Gupta, Sudha Singh and U.C. Kulshresth

Environment Impact Assessment: Do we really need a Shift from EIA
pp. 227-232
Authors: Bhanu Pratap Singh

Simultaneous Adsorption and Biodegradation of Phenol and Cyanide in Multicomponent System
pp. 233-238
Authors: B. Agarwal and C. Balomajumdar

Role of Water in Controlling Entropy of Living Systems
pp. 239-244
Author: C.S. Mulherkar

Environment Impact Assessment of Coal Mining
pp. 245-250
Authors: Dhruv Katoria, Dhruv Sehgal and Sameer Kumar

Analysis on Plant Monitoring Parameters of Sewage Treatment Plant
pp. 251-258
Authors: Dhruv Katoria, Sourabh Kumar, Ishan Sahajpal, Vipul Vaid and Sameer Kumar

A Review of Risks to Workers Associated with Fireworks Industry
pp. 259-264
Authors: Dhruv Katoria, Dhruv Mehta, Dhruv Sehgal and Sameer Kumar

Bioenergy Crops an Alternative Energy
pp. 265-272
Authors: Dipti and Priyanka





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