International Journal of Environmental Engineering and Management (IJEEM)


Volume 4,  Number 1 (2013)




Study on the Development of Photo-Fenton Reactor

pp. 1-8

Authors: Pratik G Bhagat and Anita Kumari 


On Decision Making in E – Waste Management in Electronics Manufacturing Industry
pp. 9-16
Authors: R. Radhika and Dr. P. Gajivaradhan


Assessment of Impact of Iron Ore Mining Impact by Using Remote Sensing: A Case Study from Keonjhar District of Odisha, India.
pp. 17-24
Authors: Himansu Sekhar Patra and Kabir Mohan Sethy


Envisioning the Role of Renewable Energy Sources for a Sustainable Future
pp. 25-32
Authors: Chetna Gomber and Sunita Parihar


System Dynamic Model to Forecast CO2 emissions of Indian Cement Industries
pp. 33-47
Authors: A Ramesh, G Madhu and P A Soloman 


Feasibility of Community-Based Power Plant Using Fast-Rotation Woods As Feedstock
pp. 49-60
Authors: Jenjira Piamdee, Weerachai Arjharn, Natanee Vorayos and Nat Vorayos


Ground Water Quality Trends in North Chennai, India (A Statistical Approach)
pp. 61-72
Authors: Mr. V. Rajesh Babu1 and Dr. A. Murugesan


FBBR and MBBR Bioreactors for Sewage Treatment
pp. 73-88
Authors: Suresh Kumar D. and Dr. Sekaran V.


Oil is an Essential Source of Energy However Presents Onerous Environmental Threats
pp. 89-101
Authors: Brahim Idelhakkar Dr in Economic & marine Expert and Abdeslam Chraibi PH, ENCGT, University Abdelamlek Essâadi


Assessment of Regeneration Techniques Effects on the Physical Characteristics of Teak Trees
pp. 103-117
Authors: Irié Casimir ZOBIa, Foua Alphonse TAPE-BIb,OiKrékoumou Jean-Claude KREKOUMOUa, Pierre COUTERONc


Adsorption Studies of Dyeing Industry Effluents Using Activated Csarbon and Polymer Composites
pp. 119-125
Authors: A. Agalya , P. N. Palanisamy and P. Sivakumar


Squatters Problems along Bagmati Riverside in Nepal and its Impact on Environment and Economy
pp. 127-142
Authors: Bashu Dev Deshar


Continuous Single Stage, Multi Stage and Recycle Packed Bed Column Adsorption Studies for Cr (VI) Removal by Chitosan

pp. 143-151

Authors: S. Jenish and P. Muthusamy





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