International Journal of Environmental Engineering and Management (IJEEM)


Volume 3, Number 2 (2012)




Study of Seasonal Variation in Ground Water Quality using Multivariate Statistical Technique

pp. 61-68

Authors: Agrekar S.H., Singh N.B., Raut Y., Ghatekar P.and Lunge H.S.


Tropical Cyclones as a Possible Factor Affecting Seismic Activity

pp. 69-71

Authors: B. Umamaheswari and R. Samuel Selvaraj


Production of Consumable Water Using Desalination Processes: A Review

pp. 78-88

Authors: Anita Kumari, Viraj Nayak, Ninad Bhagwat and Aniket Poojari


Life Cycle Greenhouse Gas Assessment of Biogas System for Layer Chicken Farms
pp. 89-96
Authors: Sasirinna Chomchuen and Pruk Aggarangsi

Bioremediation of Oil Contaminated Waste Water using Free and Immobilized Pseudomonas Aeruginosa Isolated from Crude Oil
pp. 97-106
Authors: Ch. Anand; P. Narasmimha Rao, D. Bhagawan, K. Vishnu Das Prasad and S. Narendra Kumar

Diversity and Distribution of Icthyofauna of Behlol Nullah, a Tributary of River Tawi, Jammu, J & K, India
pp. 107-119
Authors: K.K. Sharma, Seema Langer, Ruchi Sharma and Minakshi Saini

Organizational Perceptions on the Environmental Sustainability of Wastewater Treatment Units
pp. 121-130
Authors: R. Radhakrishanan and A. Praveen

A Study of Dairy Effluent of Various Products on the Basis of Biological Oxygen Demand Value and a Comparative Study between Common ETP with Respect to other Plants and Possible Load Reduction Method
pp. 131-138
Authors: Mehulkumar Savaliya, Nikhil Vadi and Yagnesh Gambhava








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