International Journal of Environmental Engineering and Management (IJEEM)


Volume 2, Number 1 (2011)




Quality Assessment of Groundwater of Kollong River Basin of Nagaon District of Assam, India
pp. 1-7
Authors: M.M. Saikia, S. Chakrabarty and H.P. Sarma

Monitoring of the Environmental Noise Level in Jabalpur District, Madhya Pradesh, India
pp. 9-15
Authors: P.S. Bundela, R.K. Jain, P.R. Deo and S.K. Khare

Carbon Sequestration in and Around Wardha City : Case Study
pp. 17-25
Authors: Priyanka Urkude and R.M. Dhoble

Seasonal Variation of Groundwater Quality in and Around Peenya Industrial Area, Bangalore, India
pp. 27-36
Authors: Charmaine Jerome and Anitha Pius

Verification and Determination Optimal Relationship between Water Quality Index and Physical and Chemical Parameters (Case study: Bamdezh Wetland, Iran)
pp. 37-47
Authors: B. Karami, K.N. Dhumal and P.G. Saptarshi

Climate Change and Human Health
pp. 49-56
Authors: R.K. Prajapati

Optimized Frequency Cell Planning for GSM
pp. 57-67
Authors: L.K. Sharma, H.N. Pratihari, Hemraj Saini, T.C. Panda and Mita Debgoswami

Hospital Indoor Airborne Microflora in Private and Government Owned Hospitals in Sagar City, India
pp. 69-77
Authors: Latika Bhatia and Ritu Vishwakarma

Treatment of Waste Catalyst Generated by Petroleum Refinery and its Multivariate Analysis
pp. 79-99
Authors: Bina Singh, Priyangshu M. Sarma, Ajoy. K. Mandal and Banwari Lal

Experimental Analysis of Proto-Type Biogas Plant Using Kitchen Waste as a Raw Material
pp. 101-106
Authors: Puja Singh and Usha Bajpai

Assessment of the Toxic Effect of Brass and Steel Industries Waste on Labeo Rohita in Nearby River
pp. 107-110
Authors: Animesh Agarwal and Manish Saxena


Determination of Trace Metal Analysis of Chromium, Iron, Zinc and Nickel in Human Nails using Instrumental Neutron Activation Analysis
pp. 109-116
Authors: P. Mamatha, P. Sreevani, C.L. Narayana Reddy, G.V. Subba Reddy and G.R.K. Naidu




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