International Journal of Computational Intelligence Research (IJCIR)


Volume 8, Number 1 (2012)



An Empirical Study on Crossover Operator for Degree Constraint Minimal Spanning Tree Problem using Genetic Algorithm


Authors: Dr. Anand Kumar and Dr. N.N. Jani


Color Image Segmentation: A State of the Art Survey


Authors: Prateek Gupta, Sargam Saxena, Sonali Singh, Saumya Dhami and Vijai Singh


Ways and Means of Applying Genetic Algorithms for Job Shop Scheduling


Authors: Shruti Kapoor, Swati Singh, Shelly Chikara, Shivangi Garg and Vijai Singh


Multiwavelet Transform based Image Compression using Modified SPIHT Compression Scheme


Authors: Mohammed Gulam Ahamad, Abdullah Al Jumah, Faisal Ahamad and Syed Amjad Ali


Human Language Query Processing in Temporal Database using Probabilistic Context Free Grammar

pp. 47-58

Authors: K. Murugan and T. Ravichandran


An O-Means Clustering Algorithm using Minimum Spanning Tree

pp. 59-70

Author: S. John Peter








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