International Journal of Computational Intelligence Research (IJCIR)



Volume 16, Number 2  (2020)





Sentiment Analysis of Tweets and Texts Using Python on Stocks and COVID-19
pp. 87-104
Yuvraj Jain and Vineet Tirth


Magnetic Field Across a Multiferroic Film by an incident Plane Harmonic EM Wave
pp. 105-120
Sujit K Bose


Civilizing Life time in Query-Based WSN Using Clustering Algorithm
César Briso-Rodríguez and Ke Guan

A Study on Big Data and its Importance
Thomas Kurner and Yin Xuefeng

Diversity and Satisfaction: Analysis of Learners’ Satisfaction According to the Online Learning Interaction
Weimin Wang and Huaqiang Gao

Which Type of Coursebook can best be used to nSupport a CS Courses?
Yongle Wu and Yuanan Liu














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