International Journal of Computational Intelligence Research (IJCIR)



Volume 14, Number 6  (2018)




Support Vector Machine and Artificial Neural Networks Time-Series Weather Forecasting
Owen Lo

An Enhanced Secure Collaborative Trust Aware MANET for Prevention of Selfish Nodes

William J. Buchanan and Paul Griffiths

Implementation of the Mobile Agent System providing Agent Mobility & Agent Cloning using Resource Allocation Problem

Richard Macfarlane

Emergency message broadcasting in VANETS

Wenwen Fu and Zhigang Sun

Comparative Analysis of Jumping Finite Automata and Classical Finite Automata

Tao Li

Recurrent Bug Fixing: Keshmesh and Naive Bayes

Xiaoguang Niu

Approach To Detect Diseases Using Nail Image Processing

Xiaoguang Niu

A Simple and Efficient Malicious Node Detection System for Improving the Performance of the Wireless Sensor Networks

Jiawei Wang





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