International Journal of Computational Intelligence Research (IJCIR)



Volume 13, Number 9   (2017)




Design of M-Sequence using LFSR & Analyse Its Performance as a Chip Code in CDMA
pp. 2175-2187
Dhrubojyoti Ghosh, Suchandana Roy Saha and Koustuva Kanti Roy

Intelligent Driver Assitance For Vehichle Safety
pp. 2189-2195
Bhagavat Teja Arisetty and S. Manikandaswamy

Big name confront Identification utilizing metadata in over the top recordings
pp. 2197-2208
Pramod Patil and Tejaswini B Patil

Data Sharing Procedure Implication of User Defined Information Security Using Authentication Services
pp. 2209-2219
M. Rambabu, N. Ramana and M. Sadanandam

Analysis of Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Act Using Data Mining Technique
pp. 2221-2235
Kritika Yadav and Mahesh Parmar

Content Based Image Retrieval Using Texture Structure Histogram and Texture Features
pp. 2237-2245
Suresh M B and B Mohankumar Naik


Wild-Animal Recognition in Agriculture Farms Using W-COHOG for Agro-Security

pp. 2247-2257

Nagaraju Andavarapu and Valli Kumari Vatsavayi


A Survey of Parallel Social Spider Optimization Algorithm based on Swarm Intelligence for High Dimensional Datasets

pp. 2259-2265

B.Shanmugapriya and S.Meera


Data Imbalance and Classifiers: Impact and Solutions from a Big Data Perspective

pp. 2267-2281

K.Madasamy and M.Ramaswami


Matlab Based Vehicle Number Plate Recognition

pp. 2283-2288

Shilpi Chauhan and Vishal Srivastava





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