International Journal of Computational Intelligence Research (IJCIR)



Volume 13, Number 11   (2017)




Microcontroller based Machine Health Monitoring

Jinshuo Hu


Enumerating User Search Goals with Clustered Feedback Sessions

Hongbin Gu


On Demand Security For Personal Health Record In Cloud Computing

Tae-Yong Park


A Study On Chemistry Knowledgebase For Failure Diagnosis In Nuclear Power Plants

Joo-Yong Jung


A Literature Review on Speech Recognition

Hyun-Ung Oh


Performance Comparison between a Distant Vector and a Link State routing protocols under the Cross-Layer Extended Persistent Timeout Policy of SCTP

Xiaofeng Liu


FPGA Design of Effective Detection Low Power Architecture for Recycled ICs

Xu Sun


Sparse Data Transmission In AOMDV Using ARS Algorithm

Linpeng Wang


Security Mechanism In Session Initiation Protocol

Yuting Dai






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