International Journal of Civil Engineering Research



Volume 5, Number 4 (2014)  Special Issues





Study on Drag Coefficient for the Flow Past a Cylinder

pp. 301-306

Authors: Monalisa Mallick and A. Kumar


Bending Analysis of Paraboloid of Revolution Shell

pp. 307-314

Authors: Nilophar Tamboli and A.B. Kulkarni


Experimental Study of Vertical Deflection of Suspended Cables under Static Loads

pp. 315-322

Authors: Pooja Sati, Vaneeta Devi and Sunil Kumar


A Model Study of Micropile Group Efficiency under Axial Loading Condition

pp. 323-332

Authors: Nihar Gogoi, Sanandam Bordoloi and Binu Sharma


Rehabilitation of Buildings

pp. 333-338

Author: S.S. Chandar


Seismic Response of Vertically Irregular RC Frame with Stiffness Irregularity at Ground Floor

pp. 339-344

Authors: Shaikh Abdul Aijaj Abdul Rahman


Analytical Investigation on the Compressive Behaviour of CHS Tubular Columns Strengthened Using FRP Composites

pp. 345-352

Authors: V. Viveka, B. Shanmugavalli and M.C. Sundarraja


Strength Behaviour of Cohesive Soils Reinforced with Fibers

pp. 353-360

Authors: Shivanand Mali and Baleshwar Singh


Energy Efficient Buildings

pp. 361-366

Authors: Shristi Khosla and S.K. Singh


Intelligent Transportation System

pp. 367-372

Authors: Sumit Mallik


Inelastic Seismic Analysis of Reinforced Concrete Frame Building with Soft Storey

pp. 373-378

Authors: Susanta Banerjee, Sanjaya K Patro and Praveena Rao


Split Tensile Strength of Steel Fibre Reinforced Concrete with Fly Ash and Silica Fume as Binary and Ternary Blends under Chloride Curing

pp. pp. 379-384

Authors: T.H. Sadashiva Murthy


Application of Geotextiles in Pavement Drainage Systems

pp. 385-390

Authors: Dr. Umesh Sharmaa, Abhishek Kanaoungob and Ankita Khatric


Comparative Study of Strength of RC Shear Wall at Different Location on Multi-storied Residential Building

pp. 391-400

Author: Varsha R. Harne


Auto Updating Wavelet Based MLR Models for Monsoonal River Discharge Forecasting

pp. 401-406

Authors: Vinit Sehgal and Chandranath Chatterjee


Willingness to Pay for Better Safety on State Highways

pp. 407-410

Authors: Anil Kumar Chhotu and Chandra Shekhar Kumar


Structural Audit of Buildings

pp. 411-416

Authors: A.B. Mahadik and M.H. Jaiswal


Renewable Energy for Increasing Environmental Protection and the Quality of Rural Life

pp. 417-430

Authors: Abhishek Dhakal and Javed Ali


Study on Strength of Peat Soil Stabilised with Cement and Other Pozzolanic Materials

pp. 431-438

Authors: S. Boobathiraja, P. Balamurugan, M. Dhansheer and Anuj Adhikari


Sustainable Interiors in Schools

pp. 439-442

Author: Ar. Anju Kakkar


Resource Management for Green Buildings

pp. 443-446

Author: Ar. Anju Kakkar


Analysis on Water Quality of Haora River in Agartala with an Assessment of Water Quality Index

pp. 447-452

Authors: Subhro Sarkar and Umesh Mishra


Application of Blast Furnace Slag Sand in Cement Concrete–A Case Study

pp. 453-458

Authors: M.S. Rao and U. Bhandare




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