International Journal of Civil Engineering Research



Volume 5, Number 1 (2014)  Special Issues





Improved Bias Correction Method using Wavelet Decomposition
pp. 1-8
Authors: Dhanya C.T. and Abhishek Gupta

Use of Micro-silica as Additive to Concrete-state of Art
pp. 9-12
Authors: Umesh Sharma, Ankita Khatri and Abhishek Kanoungo

Behaviour of Reinforced Concrete Beams under Different Kinds of Blast Loading
pp. 13-20
Authors: Aditya Kumar Singh, Md. Asif Akbari and P. Saha

Geo-polymer Concrete–Green Concrete for the Future—A Review
pp. 21-28
Authors: Sourav Kr. Das, Amarendra Kr. Mohapatra and A.K. Rath

Design of Sewerage System for Jaffarpur area in Southwest New Delhi
pp. 29-34
Authors: Anamika Paul and Mimansa Gulati

Effect of Flyash on Recycle Coarse Aggregate Concrete
pp. 35-42
Authors: A.N. Dabhade, S.R. Chaudari and A.R. Gajbhaye

Study of the Admixture-cement Compatibility for the Economic Production of Special Concretes
pp. 43-48
Authors: Anshuman Dogra and Richa Bhardwaj

Soil Stabilization using Rice Husk Ash and Cement
pp. 49-54
Author: Aparna Roy

Conservation of Our Lady of Help Church, Ribandar, Goa
pp. 55-60
Author: Austin S. Rodrigues

Effect of Waste Materials on Strength Characteristics of Local Clay
pp. 61-68
Authors: Babita Singh, Amrendra Kumar and Ravi Kumar Sharma

An Effective Analytical Model for Predicting Creep Coefficient
pp. 69-76
Authors: Miji Cherian R and Bharati Raj J

Influence of Micro Silica Fume on Sub Grade Characteristics of Expansive Soil
pp. 77-82
Authors: Chayan Gupta and Ravi Kumar Sharma

Effect of Molarity on Compressive Strength of Geopolymer Mortar
pp. 83-86
Authors: C.D. Budh and N.R. Warhade

Modern Technology for the Design of Turbo Foundation Structural Engineering Using a Comparative Study of Two Dimensional and Three Dimensional Stresses Using Finite Element Method
pp. 87-90
Author: Sanjay Gupta

Comparison of Two Dimensional and Three Dimensional Estimated Stresses during Vertical Excavation Using Finite Element Method
pp. 91-96
Author: Sanjay Gupta





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