International Journal of Biotechnology and Bioengineering Research  (IJBBR)



Volume 4  Number 4  (2013)  Special Issues




Optimization of Complex Media for the Production of Lutein from Chlorella Pyrenoidosa
Authors: B. Shashee and U.S. Annapure

Solution Combustion Synthesis and Structural Properties of YSrAl3O7: Tb Nanoparticles
pp. 291-298
Authors: Sheetal, S.P. Khatkar, Rajni Arora, V.B. Taxak and Mandeep

Effect of Enzymatic Hydrolysis on the Juice Yield from Apple Fruit (Malus Domestica) Pulp
pp. 299-306
Authors: Shefali Srivastava and Sudhir Kumar Tyagi

Antimicrobial Activity of Food Grade Glucosamine 
pp. 307-312
Authors: S. Malik, M. Singh and A. Mathur

Antioxidants: Futuristic Therapeutics in the Field of Diabetic Neuropathy
pp. 313-320
Authors: Shruti Thakur and Rachana


Beneficial Effects of Salacia Oblonga on Mitochondrial Localization in Cells and NADPH oxidase Activity in Glucose Induced Cytotoxicity on rat Muscle Cell Line

pp. 321-328
Authors: S. Basu, M. Pant and Rachana

Sex Comb Variation in Four Drosophila Species from North India
pp. 329-334
Authors: Neha Gulati and Sujata Mohanty

Genetic Diversity Determination of Jasmine Species by DNA Fingerprinting Using Molecular Markers
pp. 335-340
Authors:Sushant Shekhar, Sujatha Sriram and Prasad M.P

Green Synthesis of Silver Nanoparticles and Their Antimicrobial Activity against Gram Positive and Gram Negative Bacteria
pp. 341-346
Authors: Susheela Sharma, Sunil Kumar, B.D. Bulchandini, Shalini Taneja and Shelza Banyal


An Assessment of the Prospects of Developing Confectionery Grade Genotypes with Multiple Disease Resistance in Groundnut (Arachis Hypogaea L.)

pp. 347-354
Authors: T.P. Muhammed Azharudheen and M.V.C. Gowda

Modelling of Phosphate-exobiopolymer Interaction 
pp. 355-358
Authors: Taranpreet Kaur and Moushumi Ghosh


Diversity of Keratin Degrading Fungal Flora in Industrial area of Jaipur and Keratinolytic Potential of Trichophyton Mentagrophytes and Microsporum Canis

pp. 359-364
Authors: Tarun Kumar Kumawat, Vishnu Sharma, Ruchi Seth and Anima Sharma

Production and Characterization of Exopolysaccharide Produced by Alcaligenes Faecalis B14 Isolated from Indigenous Soil
pp. 365-374
Authors: Varinder Kaura, M.B. Beraa, P.S. Panesara, H.K. Choprab

Identification of Trichoderma BPS-1, a Biological Control Agent against Pea Wilt Pathogen Fusarium Oxysporum F.sp. Pisi.
pp. 375-382
Authors: V.K. Mishra, A.K. Passari and B.P. Singh

Assessment of Genetic Diversity in Jatropha (Jatropha Curcus L.) by using RAPD Markers
pp. 383-394
Authors: Sunil Kumar, Virendra Kumar, Manoj Kumar Sharma, Narendra Kumar, Amit Kumar, R. S. Sengar and Nidhi Jaiswal

Genetic Parameters for Hydrocyanic acid Content in Forage Sorghum (Sorghum Bicolor L. Moench) 
pp. 395-400
Authors: Sushil Kumar, Virendra Kumar, Pooran Chand, Narendra Kumar and P.K. Shrotria

Bioefficacy of Crude Extracts from Jatropha Gossypifolia against Human Pathogens
pp. 401-406
Authors: Vishnu Sharma, Tarun Kumar Kumawat, Ruchi Seth and Anima Sharma






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