International Journal of Biotechnology and Bioengineering Research  (IJBBR)



Volume 4  Number 3 (2013)  Special Issues




Effect of Non-normality and Inadmissible Estimates on Estimation of Heritability

pp. 161-166
Authors: Amrit Kumar Paul, S.D. Wahi, Ranjit Kumar Paul and Wasi Alam

Applications of Radioisotopes in Agriculture
pp. 167-174
Authors: Balwinder Singh, Jaspreet Singh and Amritpal Kaur

Biological Control and its Important in Agriculture
pp. 175-180

Authors: Anchal Sharma, V.D. Diwevidi, Smita Singh, Khsitiz Kumar Pawar, Mahesh Jerman, L.B. Singh, Satish Singh and Deepak Srivastawa


Overcoming Interspecific Hybridization Barriers in Cyamopsis Species
pp. 181-190
Authors: Anju Ahlawat, S.K. Pahuja and H.R. Dhingra

Engineered Nanomaterials as Disinfectants: Benefits and Health Concerns
pp. 191-196
Authors: A. Godara, S. Srivastava, A. Anandan, B. Dayal, and A. Kumar


Ethical Concerns in Plant Biotechnological Research
pp. 197-204
Author: Bini Toms

Isolation and Characterization of Vacuolar Na+/H+Antiporter Gene from Triticum Aestivum cv. Kharchia Local under Salt Stress
pp. 205-206
Authors: Etika Goyal, Amit K. Singh and Kanika

PCR Cloning and Characterization of Carbazole Dioxygenase Gene from Pseudomonas sp. GBS.5
pp. 207-214
Authors: Gajendra B. Singh, Kapila Kumar, Sanjay Gupta and Nidhi Gupta

Studies on Value-added Fermentation of Madhucalatifolia Flower and Itspotential as a Nutrabeverage
pp. 215-226
Authors: S. Soni and G. Dey

Microbial Production of Vanillin
pp. 227-234
Authors: R. Rana, A. Mathur, C.K. Jain, S.K. Sharma and G. Mathur

Biodegradation of Engine Oil by Acinetobacter Calcoaceticus BD4, Isolated fromCoastal Area Mumbai
pp. 235-242
Authors: Shallu Sihag, Shivendra Sharma, Hardik Pathak, Saurabh Dave D.P. Jaroli

The Galactagogues Use by Indian Tribal Communities to Over Come Poor Lactation
pp. 243-248
Authors: Haridutta Dandotiya, Girraj Singh and S.K. Kashaw

Status of β-casein (CSN2) Polymorphism in Frieswal (HF X Sahiwal Crossbred) Cattle
pp. 249-256
Authors: Indrajit Ganguly, Sushil Kumar, G K Gaur, U Singh, Arun Kumar, Sunil Kumar, Sandeep Mann and Arjava Sharma

Effect of Herbal Feed on Goat Haematological and Biochemical Profile
pp. 257-262
Authors: I. Chaturvedi, P.K. Singh and T.K. Dutta


Identification of Superior Recombinant Inbred Lines for High Oleic acid Content and Pod Yield Derived from a Cross GPBD-4 x GM 4-3 of Groundnut (Arachis Hypogaea L.)

pp. 263-268
Authors: J. Ashish, H.L. Nadaf, K. Gangadhara and P. Syam Sundar Reddy


Microbial Bioremediation of Chromium and Development of Enzymatic Biosensor by Enterobacter Aerogenes T2 (GU265554; NII 1111)

pp. 269-274
Authors: Jigisha Panda and Priyabrata Sarkar

Marine Fungi as a Source of Secondary Metabolites of Antibiotics
pp. 275-282
Authors: K. Manimegalai, N.K. Asha Devi and S. Padmavathy






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