International Journal of Advanced Materials Sciences (IJAMS)


Volume 4  Number 1 Spl., (2013)  






Nucleation Kinetic Studies for Picric Acid Doped Zts Crystals
pp. 1-7
Authors: N.Balasundari, P.Selvarajan, D.Jencyline Navarani and S.Lincy Ponmani

Inclusion of 1-hydroxy-2-naphthoic acid in ß-cyclodextrin nanocavity in liquid, solid and virtual states
pp. 9-15
Authors: K. Sivakumar, V. Bhakyajothi and M. Parameswari

Inclusion of 1-Hydroxy-2-Naphthoic Acid In ß-Cyclodextrin Nanocavity in Liquid, Solid And Virtual States
pp. 17-23
Authors: K. Sivakumar, V. Bhakyajothi and M. Parameswari

Mechanical and Surface Morphology Analyses of Tri-Allylthiourea Mercury Chloride Single Crystal
pp. 25-29
Authors: R. Josephine Usha, V. Joseph and P. Sagayaraj

Electrosynthesis and Studies on Zinc Tell`Uride Thin Films 
pp. 31-38
Authors: V. Dhanasekaran, T. Mahalingam and R. Chandramohan

Surface Morphology, Micro Hardness, Optical and Conductivity Studies of Nonlinear Optical Material L-Proline Cadmium Chloride (LPCC)
pp. 39-44
Authors: D. Anbuselvia, R. Josphine Usha D. Jayaraman and V.Joseph

Structural and Morphological behaviour of PVdC-AN gel polymer electrolyte for lithium battery application
pp. 45-51
Authors: Chithra M. Mathew, M.Shanthia, S.Rajendran and T. Mahalingam

Acoustical Studies on Zinc Oxide Nanofluids 
pp. 53-58
Authors: Kiruba.R, Gopalakrishnan. M, Mahalingam. T and Kingson Solomon Jeevaraj. A

Growth, Structural, Dielectric and Phase Transiton Studies of Pure and Nano Silver and Gold Doped ADP and KDP Crystals
pp. 59-66
Authors: Anjali P.U., Lakshmi Narayanankutty, Nelson Rodrigues, and Vimala George

Synthesis and Structural properties of ZnS-ZnO Nanocomposites 
pp. 67-71
Authors: Janita G. Christobe and Mahadevan C.K.

Capsule-Like Structured Polyaniline Para-Toluene Sulfonic Acid Composites Without/With Sodium Dodecylsulfate Soft-Template: Investigation of Electrical Properties and Morphology
pp. 73-80
Authors: N. Vijayakumar, E. Subramanian and D. Pathinettam Padiyan

A Review on Epoxy Adhesives with Nanomaterials: Effect of CFRP-Steel Bond Integrity
pp. 81-84
Authors: Sreedhar Kalavagunta, Sivakumar Naganathan, Kamal Nasharuddin Bin Mustapha and A Samson Raj

Comparison between Semiconductor Based Photo Catalytic and Electrochemical Decolourisation of Acid Red - 27 Dye
pp. 85-91
Authors: M.Anbuchezhian and R.Venkataraman

Nanocomposite Pva-In2o3 Thin Films for Transparent Organic Thin Film Transistor
pp. 93-100
Authors: S. Sathish, M. Dinesh and B. Chandar Shekar

A Novel Znse /Cuse2 Composite: Synthesis and Characterization 
pp. 101-106
Autors: T. Arokiya Mary and Joe Jesudurai

Synthesis and Optical Study of Chitosan/Peg: Ag Nanocomposites 
pp. 107-112
Authors: S. Kavitha, D. Geetha and P.S. Ramesh

Optical Characterization of Surfactant Capped Nano-ZnO 
pp. 113-117
Authors: K. Raja, P.S. Ramesh and D. Geetha

Physical Investigation on Sprayed Titanium Dioxide Thin Films 
pp. 119-125
Authors: S. Dhanapandian, A. Gowri manohari and C. Manoharan

Nano heterogeneous catalysis for the production of biodiesel from Azadirachta indica AND Citrullus colocynthis.
pp. 127-136
Authors: A. Obadiah, G. Sahaana, S. Simon, Arun Dakshinamurthy and S. Vasanth Kumar

Effect of two surfactants on the physical properties of TiO2 thin films for solar cell applications
pp. 137-143
Authors: R. Jeba Beula and Suganthi Devadason

Development and Characterization of Al-Nano Al2o3 Composites 
pp. 145-155
Authors: Rajesh Purohit, Dinesh Kumar Koli and R. S. Rana





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