International Journal of Advanced Mechanical Engineering (IJAME)



Volume 4  Number 7 Spl., (2014)






Optimum Facility Design Considering Flow Obstruction
pp. 713-719
Authors: Abhishek Kumar Jain and P.M.Mishra

Study of Knee-Joint Mechanism before Implanting a Knee Prosthesis by Modeling and Finite Element Analysis of Knee-Joint Bones
pp. 721-727
Authors: Ashutosh Nayan Nautiyal, P.K.S. Nain and Pramod Kumar

Optimization of Electric Discharge Machining Process Parameters Using Taguchi Technique
pp. 729-739
Authors: Jadi Laxman and Kotakonda Guru Raj

Flexible Manufacturing System Modeling: A Petrinet Based Survey Approach
pp. 741-746
Authors: Jacob John and M B Kiran

Digital Radiography Test for the GTAW and FSW Weldments on AA 7075-T651 Aluminium Alloy
pp. 747-754
Authors: Nishant Gaurav, Kumar Manu and Sivashanmugam. M

Thermal Analysis on 41 Tubular Type IC-Engine Exhaust Manifold through Anysis
pp. 755-762
Authors: S. N. Ch. Dattu. V, Pradeep Varma. M and Shyam Sundar. B

Effect of Post Carburizing Treatment on Hardness of Low Carbon Steel
pp. 763-766
Authors: Saigeeta Priyadarshini, Tripurari Sharma and Gaurav Arora

Effect of Heat Treatment on Mechanical Behavior and Structural Response of Al-Si Composite
pp. 767-782
Authors: Dr. Sanjay Soni and Ajay Pandey

Fatigue Analysis of Connecting Rod Using Finite Element Analysis to Explore Weight and Cost Reduction Opportunities for a Production of Forged Steel Connecting Rod
pp. 782-802
Authors: Ambrish Tiwari, Jeetendra Kumar Tiwari, Sharad Kumar Chandrakar

PLC Controlled Low Cost Automatic Packing Machine
pp. 803-811
Authors: Shashank Lingappa M, Vijayavithal Bongale and Sreerajendra

Gating Design Modification Using 3D CAD Modeling and Casting Simulation for Improving the Casting Yield
pp. 813-820
Authors: Utkarsh S. Khade and Suresh M. Sawant

zTQM in Construction and Manufacturing Companies of India: A Case Study
pp. 821-827
Authors: Vinod Kumar and Vineet Singla

Design and Fabrication of Regenerative Heat Exchanger for Alpha Stirling Engine
pp. 829-837
Authors: Swati Chaugaonkar, Vishal Gehlot and Vinod Parashar

Design of a System to Control the Noise of Dry Fluid Coolers
pp. 839-848
Authors: Vishnu Subhash Kendre, Sanjay Mangala Gopal and Mohit Jayant Watve









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