International Journal of Advanced Mechanical Engineering (IJAME)



Volume 4  Number 5B Spl., (2014)






Automizing the Design of Francis Turbine Spiral Case                                 

pp. 463-472

Authors: Ganesh Chembedu, Alleiah Sunkara and Mayank Srivastava



Modeling and Analysis of EDM Process parameters Using Taguchi Technique and Fuzzy Based Modeling       

pp. 473-480

Authors: J. Laxman and Dr. K. Guru Raj



Effect of Notches and Evaluation of Material Performance of a Cement Filled Composite Material for Fabrication of Non-metallic Parts

pp. 481-486

Authors: Jagannath Sardar and Dibakar Bandopadhya


Effect of Injection Timing on Performance and Emission Analysis of Single Cylinder Diesel Engine Fuelled with Dual Bio-fuels

 pp. 487-496

Authors: Sathish Kumar P.S and S. Mahalingam



Human CUM Electric Powered Vehicle     

pp. 497-502                                                    

Authors: Sambhav Jain, Siddharth Dhapola and Nauman Khan


Study of Automatic Pipe/ Rod Slitting Machine (Pneumatically Controlled) Sinhgad Institute of Technology and Science

pp. 503-508

Authors: Shinde Vaibhav Kailasingh, Ahiwale Anish Jahagirdar Kuldip and Sutar Onkar



Lean and Green Manufacturing: Concept and its Implementation in Operations Management

pp. 509-514

Authors: Suresh Prasad and S.K. Sharma



Effect of Oxygen Enhancement on Methane Diffusion Flames                   

pp. 515-520

Authors: Swati Bhardwaj and Sushant Ahuja



Performance Analysis of a Refrigeration System Using Nano Fluid            

pp. 521-532

Authors: T. Coumaressin and K. Palaniradja



Development of a Fixture for Robotic Assembly Station for an Automotive BIW (Body in White) Line

pp. 533-538

Authors: Vijay Patel, Nilesh Ghetiya, Jatin Dave and Sandip Shah









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