International Journal of Advanced Mechanical Engineering (IJAME)



Volume 4  Number 5 Spl., (2014)






Study of Flow Structure and its effect on Indian Train Using C.F.D. Technique
pp. 463-468
Vivek Kumar and Abhishek Pratap Singh

Experimental Determination of Temperature and Pressure Profile of Oil Film of Elliptical Journal Bearing
pp. 469-474
Authors: Amit Singla, Paramjit Singh and Amit Chauhan

CFD Based Thermo-Hydrodynamic Analysis of Circular Journal Bearing
pp. 475-482
Authors: Amit Chauhan, Amit Singla, Narender Panwar and Prashant Jindal

Static Load Measurement Using Multi Walled Carbon Nanotubes
pp. 483-487
Authors: Amit Chauhan, Amit Singla, Aditya Chhibba and Prashant Jindal

Design and Testing of Actuator for Butterfly Valve
pp. 489-494
Authors: Aniket R. Thorat and Suresh M. Sawant

Stress Analysis of Functionally Graded Material Plate with Cut-out
pp. 495-500
Authors: Ankitkumar B. Makwana1, Khushbu C. Panchal and Anish H. Gandhi

Investigation of the Effect of Fiber Orientation on Mechanical Properties of Composite Laminate Using Numerical Analysis
pp. 501-508
Authors: Ankur A. Mistry , Shashank J. Thanki and Anish H. Gandhi

Automatic Punching Machine: A Low Cost Approach
pp. 509-517
Authors: Arun S, Sree Rajendra and Vijayavithal Bongale

Simulation Studies on Conjugate Mixed Convection with Radiation from a Vertical Channel with Multiple Non-Identical Discrete Heat Sources
pp. 519-526
Authors: Abhijeet P. Shah and C. Gururaja Rao

Parametric Studies on Combined Conduction-Convection- Radiation from a Discretely and Non-Identically Heated Rectangular Electronic Board
pp. 527-534
Authors: S. Sudhakar Babu, C. Gururaja Rao and A. V. Narasimha Rao

Mixed Convection with Internal Conduction and Surface Radiation from a Discretely and Non-Identically Heated Vertical Electronic Board
pp. 535-542
Authors: Murali Yamala and C. Gururaja Rao

Design and Performance Analysis of Smart Fluid Damper for Gun Recoil System
pp. 543-550
Authors: Deepak C.Akiwate and S. S. Gawade

Mechanical Characterization of Treated Bamboo Natural Fiber Composite
pp. 551-556
Author: Dheeraj Kumar

A Parametric Study on Performance of Titanium Alloy Using Coated and Uncoated Carbide Insert in CNC Turning
pp. 557-564
Authors: Digvijay K. Patil and Suresh M. Sawant

Optimisation of Friction Stir Welding Parameters for AA 6061 and AA 7039 Aluminium Alloys by Response Surface Methodology (RSM)
pp. 565-571
Authors: Divya Deep Dhancholia, Anuj Sharma and Charit Vyas

Modeling and Experimental Investigation of Process Parameters in WEDM of WC-6%Co Composite using Response Surface Methodology
pp. 573-581
Authors: Sanjiv Kumar and Jatinder Kumar









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